Public Health - The State of Global Health at the turn of the decade
Middle East Health publishes the speech of Dr Margaret Chan, the director general of the World Health Organisation, to the executive board at its 126th session in Geneva in January.  
Human Resources - New thinking - HR and a transient work force

The traditional role of the Human Resources department is no longer suitable to attracting and maintaining the best performers for a particular department, especially when the workforce is as transient as it is in the Middle East.  
Ultrasound - Pocket-sized scanner set to revolutionise ultrasound
GE Healthcare has introduced an amazing little a pocketsized, portable ultrasound device that looks set to revolutionise the way, or more correctly ‘where’, ultrasound is used.

Arab Health review - Huge expo hosts more than 2,700 healthcare companies
Arab Health, the second largest medical trade show after Medica in Germany, was held in Dubai from 25-28 January. With the new extension to the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre the organisers were able to host more than 2,700 companies from 70 countries.
News Features

Anaesthesia - Brain responses during anaesthesia mimic those during natural deep sleep
The brains of people under anaesthesia respond to stimuli as they do in the deepest part of sleep – lending credence to a developing theory of consciousness and suggesting a new method to assess loss of consciousness in conditions such as coma.  
The Back Page - An apple a day…
A study by scientists in the United States appears to support the age-old adage: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”   
  Anaesthesia - Low cost ventilators
A group of anaesthetists in the United Kingdom have designed and tested three prototype low-cost ventilators that could provide vital support during major healthcare emergencies involving large numbers of patients or casualties.    
  Anaesthesia - Sellick’s manoeuvre works, ‘though he was a bit off on the anatomy’
You might not know what it’s called, but if you’ve had general anaesthesia before surgery, especially after an accident, it is likely you have received Sellick’s manoeuvre.    
  Anaesthesia - Common pain relief medication may encourage cancer growth
Although morphine has been the gold-standard treatment for postoperative and chronic cancer pain for two centuries, a growing body of evidence is showing that opiate-based painkillers can stimulate the growth and spread of cancer cells.   
Country Reports

Egypt Report - New report warns of HIV epidemic
A new report says Egypt is moving towards a “concentrated HIV epidemic”, as an increasing number of HIV patients are being recorded. 
Gaza Report - Blockade putting people’s health at risk – UN, NGO’s call for reopening of borders
One year after Israel’s military offensive on Gaza, UN Agencies and the Association for International Development Agencies (AIDA), representing over 80 NGOs, are highlighting the impact of the blockade on Gaza on the health of Gaza’s population and on health services.

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