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Palestine Report - Intra-Palestinian strife hits health care in Gaza
The main reason for the worsening shortages of essential drugs and medical supplies in the Gaza Strip is that the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Health in the West Bank has not delivered enough drugs and medical supplies to Gaza, according to the WHO...   
Syria Report - Iraqi refugees face painful wait for artificial limbs
Mohammed (not is real name), 38, whose right leg is severed above the knee, is one of many Iraqi refugees waiting for prosthetics at the Syrian branch of charity Terre des hommes (Tdh) orthopaedic workshop.
Scientists call for collective action to halt negative effects of privatising stem cell lines
In an opinion piece published 10 fEB 2011 in the journal Science, a team of scholars led by a Johns Hopkins bioethicist urges the scientific community to act collectively to stem the negative effects of the patenting and privatising of stem cell lines, data & pioneering technologies.
Philips PET-MR gets CE mark
Philips Electronics has recently received the CE mark for the industry’s first commercially available whole body PET/MR imaging system, the Ingenuity TF PET/MR. US FDA’s 510(k) certification is pending and expected later this year. 
Siemens focuses on lowering radiation dose
For more than a decade, Siemens has been leading the way in reducing radiation dose in diagnostic and interventional radiology and is the first medical device manufacturer to release a comprehensive ‘Guide to Low Dose’ aimed at physicians and medical technical staff.  
Foetal surgery takes a major step in treating spina bifida
Performing delicate surgery in the womb, months before birth, can substantially improve outcomes for children with a common, disabling birth defect of the spine.

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