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Your health data in the Cloud

The Jan-Feb 2011 bumper issue of Middle East Health was well received by visitors to Arab Health in Dubai in January, with several of them commenting that the large issue was symbolic of a turn in the economic tide in the region. The strong advertising support we received was clearly indicative of this, and reflects the renewed interest of the global industry in the Middle East healthcare market, still considered one of the key growth areas of the world.

As expected, Arab Health was jammed with exhibitors and visitors, with every available space in the expanded Dubai International Exhibition Center being utilised. We met a large number of exhibitors, far too many to cover in one issue, but two standouts were Microsoft and Philips. Microsoft is introducing to the region a completely new take on healthcare IT which aims to put control of an individual’s health data in the hands of that individual by putting it in the ‘cloud’. It will transform patient care in many ways, and you can learn more about this on page 52. Philips met with Middle East Health to talk about their new PET-MR scanner and was keen to point out that it is the first to receive the European CE mark, with FDA certification pending. The new scanner is featured on page 54.

Once Arab Health was over and visitors departed, it was almost back to normal – but the reality is that these days even ‘normal’ is fast-paced. The number of other important regional conferences, both general and specialised, has accelerated in recent years as healthcare spend has grown. This growth shows no sign of abating, but it brings its own problems. For example, in this issue there’s a thought-provoking feature article by Dr Abrar Khan, a regular contributor, who writes about healthcare reform in the region and what’s needed to make it happen. Also of note are regional reports from Syria and Gaza, highlighting the hardships healthcare practitioners face working in those difficult environments. See page 28.

And, in a lighter vein, Dr Waqar Habib Ahmed provides a Top 10 list of advice for medical sales representatives on how not to go about their job.

As in each issue, you’ll find pages of medical news from the region, the world and the world of medical research.

I trust that you both enjoy and are enlightened by the various features. Good reading!

Brian Wilkie

(Mar-Apr 2011)



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