Mar-Apr 2011


The new TissueSeal PLUS – reusable instruments for enhanced open surgeries

TissueSeal PLUS is a completely reusable instrument for ligation (using BOWA ARC 350 generators) with an ergonomic design for fatigue-free working. The tip is created in a special sandwich design for minimum temperature development and a thermal spread less than 1 mm for a maximum of patient safety. The curved and non-traumatic jaw with ceramic tips of TissueSealPLUS enables ultimative safe tissue grip of vessels and tissue bundles. The non-stick coating of the electrode surfaces protect from tissue adhesion. TissueSeal®PLUS is available in different lengths: 190, 230 and 280 mm.

The main advantages of ligation – vessel and tissue sealing – over other procedures such as ligature, suture and the use of clips: quick preparation, quick and safe vessel sealing with diameters up to 7 mm, no foreign bodies left in the area of the operation, and low costs with reusable instruments.

In this case, haemostasis and a permanent sealing can only be achieved with ligation bipolar vessel sealing: the bunched vessels or tissue are gripped by a special instrument and pressed together under a constant, specified level of pressure. This means that there is a shorter operating time and less blood loss, which in turn means better care for the patient.

Ligation is an exclusive feature for BOWA ARC 350 generators.

Also for laparascopic use BOWA provides the LIGATOR and NightKNIFE series.

The integrated cutting function on the NightKNIFE takes away any inconvenient time loss caused by changing instruments in laparoscopic procedures.

The fields of application for these sealing instruments extend from numerous open and laparoscopic interventions to the specialist areas of surgery, urology and especially gynaecology.

The high degree of efficiency due to the concept of reusability is a particularly strong economic incentive for using the BOWA TissueSealPLUS, TissueSeal, NightKNIFE, and LIGATOR ligation instruments. BOWA

Berchtold introduces new OR table

Versatile, with premium construction and high capacity, the OPERON D 760 ORTable guarantees ideal working conditions in the operating theatre with an extensive range of accessories and various mutually compatible leg plates. The surgeon can adjust the new OR-Table height by 440 mm for ergonomic working, from 635 mm to 1075 mm. Patients can be positioned flexibly on a surface of four modules. The table can support extremely obese patients weighing up to 450 kg.

The basic version of the table includes a head rest, and back and seat plates. The leg plate drive is available either in one piece as a standard or short version, or as split leg plates, ideal for laparoscopic abdominal surgery. The OPERON D 760 is suitable for all surgical aspects as well as for outpatient treatment. With a minimum height of 635 millimetres, a Trendelenburg position of 30 degrees and a tilt of up to 20 degrees, all major positions are easily achieved. Whether surgical procedures while standing or sitting are required, with its wide height adjustment range up to 1075 mm, the OPERON D 760 is ideal to meet the needs of surgeons at any time. The D 760 OR-Table has a safety system with foot pump and a separate control unit integrated into the table column.

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