Anaesthesia - Concern raised over how few anaesthesiologists monitor cardiac output during high-risk surgery
In a European and US study, that will be of interest to anaesthesiologists in the Middle East, it was found that only 35% of anaesthesiologists are carrying out a simple procedure during high-risk surgery that can make a significant impact on how well patients recover from their operations. Middle East Health reports. 


Berlin Report - A leader in biotech and medical expertise
All the world knows Berlin. They know it as the seat of modern Germany’s Federal Government in the iconic Reichstag building. They know it for its historical status in the Second World War and the notorious Berlin Wall that followed. They know the city for its fashion shows and film festivals. 


Ultrasound - Product showcase
Developments in ultrasound by the leading ultrasound device manufacturers appear to be aimed at increasing portability of the devices while trying to keep the key strengths of the more robust systems.


Circumstances that shaped early US Healthcare – 1760-1850
This is the second in a series of articles in which Dr Arby Khan looks at the concept of ‘value’ in healthcare. In this issue he looks at the historical background that shaped healthcare in the US, knowledge of which is essential to understand the current economic determinants of medical practice in the US. 


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