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The Arab Heath exhibition in Dubai in January was certainly a great success. It appeared even bigger than the massive show last year – clearly a sign that healthcare in this region continues to grow in leaps and bounds. For the MEH team, it was a great opportunity to catch up with many of our foreign readers and advertisers as well as to make new friends. And, of course, it is always fascinating to see at first-hand the incredible advances in medical technology. You can see a selection of the new products we liked in the Arab Health review.

A main feature of this issue is anaesthesia – or perhaps more correctly ‘not anaesthesia’ – in an article which looks at how to teach young kids to sit still for an MRI exam, so you can avoid having to sedate them. We look at a related interesting new study where researchers have added a light-sensitive molecule to propofol, and have shown in experiments that when the light is on the anaesthetic is deactivated and when switched off it is reactivated.

In our focus on ultrasound we explore elastography, a new form of reading ultrasound waves that makes it possible to detect tumours by measuring elasticity of soft tissue. Some researchers are saying that in a few years elastography may be as common as x-rays!

As usual we have a lot of interesting news from the region and around the world. The prestigious 2013 King Faisal Foundation International Prize in Medicine has been awarded to Professor Jeffrey Michael Friedman of Rockefeller University, New York, and Professor Douglas Leonard Coleman of the Jackson Laboratory, Maine, for their research into the genetics of obesity. You can read more about this in the Middle East Monitor. And in our popular Worldwide Monitor section, there’s a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit which highlights the urgent need for countries around the world to develop strategies to tackle head-on the growing social and economic issues associated with Hepatitis C.

We do hope you enjoy this issue and as always we welcome your feedback. Good reading – and good health.

Brian Wilkie

(Mar-Apr 2013)

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