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Hygiene Handle helps prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections

Nowadays, perhaps more than ever, hand hygiene in hospitals across the Middle East is of prime focus. In the summer of 2014 the Arab Hygiene Council, a medical body consisting of experts from across the Middle East, acknowledged a number of common errors surrounding hand washing habits jeopardising the health of populations across the region. This was just one example of an increased focus on improving hand hygiene in the workplace, in industry and in healthcare across the greater Middle East region.

One example of heightened concern around hand hygiene in healthcare can be found with an installation of new hand hygiene products in a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The hospital is the first facility in the region to install a ground-breaking new product in hand hygiene, the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle. Developed by a British company, Pure Hold, this unique concept combines two vital factors in infection control in hospitals- ensuring patients, staff and visitors have clean hands and that surfaces they come into contact with remain clean. The Hygiene Handle is fitted onto standard pull-doors and features an intelligent, tailored delivery system on a specialised handle which omits sanitising gel upon grip. Therefore each user has their hands cleaned through a compulsory system, making a significant difference in hospital hygiene.

Research on Hospital-Acquired Infections makes for surprising reading. According to the US agency, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 4-10% of all inpatients develop an HAI during a hospital stay.

The Hygiene Handle can prove to be invaluable as it is used by visitors as well as staff and patients. Whilst many hospitalled hygiene initiatives focus on patients and staff, installing a Hygiene Handle ensures use by all who pass through corridors.

Products such as these can make a real difference because they ensure hand hygiene compliance, rather than simply encouraging it.

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Intersurgical’s i-gel supraglottic airway is quick,
easy and reliable to insert

i-gel is a truly unique, single use, second generation supraglottic airway with a soft, gellike non-inflatable cuff.

Quick, easy and reliable to insert, i-gel accurately positions itself over the laryngeal framework to provide a reliable perilaryngeal seal without the need for an inflatable cuff. It also incorporates a gastric channel for improved safety, an integral bite block to reduce the possibility of airway occlusion and a buccal cavity stabiliser to aid rapid insertion and eliminate the potential for rotation. i-gel is ideal for use in anaesthesia, and in adults for resuscitation and as a conduit for intubation with fibre optic guidance.

Popular in many hospitals in the Middle East, Europe and across the world, i-gel is currently available in seven sizes and is supplied sterile in an innovative, colour-coded protective cradle or cage pack.

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Get voice clarity with the TEO listening assistant’s smart sound stereo amplifier and noise reduction

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish speech in difficult listening situations. With smart sound stereo amplifier TEO, find pleasure in moments shared with friends and family. TEO amplifies soft sounds up to 22 decibels. It protects you against loud noises up to 100 decibels. Its four microphones and its digital highdefinition audio technology delivers crystal clear sound. Dynamic compression can amplify soft sounds more than loud sounds making listening to a conversation or a movie a more comfortable experience.

By adjusting treble boost for voice clarity and noise reduction, you understand better without really increasing the volume: Your hearing is preserved. Its technology features a digital limiter of loud sounds: a loud noise will not be amplified. Assistive listening TEO meets the standard volume of 100 decibels output.

TEO First, hear the world Personal sound amplifier TEO First does not require installation. Simply connect the headphones, press the dial, and you get a clearer and louder sound. The sound is picked up by the four microphones. Volume is controlled by pushing the wheel up (louder) or down.

Two preset options B (noisy environment) and C (quiet environment) allow you to adjust easily the sound of your smart sound amplifier TEO First depending on the situation. You understand better without turning up the volume. Your ears are therefore protected.

Use directional listening by pointing the device to the person you want to listen to. To turn off, simply unplug the headphones. Thanks to sound processing inside Teo First, the vocals are clearer. No need to increase the volume to hear. Listening is more comfortable thanks to dynamic compression.

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Thermasonic gel warmers designed with microprocessor control

Parker Laboratories, the world-leading manufacturer of ultrasound and electromedical contact media, announces three, completely re-designed THERMASONIC Gel Warmers; a single bottle gel warmer, a three-bottle gel warmer with preset temperature options and LED indicators; and a three-bottle gel warmer with LCD readout and temperature adjustment in one degree increments, in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The units have been completely redesigned with microprocessor control, a powerful heating element, and higher sidewall heat exchangers to rapidly heat gel and consistently monitor temperature. From basic, single bottle warming to degreespecific, three bottle temperature controls with JCAHO compliant temperature indicator, there is an option for almost any healthcare setting. All units contain hospital grade plug and power cords and are complete with a 2 year warranty.

THERMASONIC is a durable, selfcontained unit, constructed to give years of trouble-free service. THERMASONIC is UL listed to Canadian Safety Standards and are available in 120v and 230v CE certified units.

THERMASONIC Gel Warmer is available through medical supply distributors, or by contacting Parker Laboratories, Inc. in the US. Tel: +1 973 276-9500, or visit:

Timesco’s Callisto single-use laryngoscopes prevent cross contamination

Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Sepsis, MERS – with the proliferation of contagious diseases across the world, cross contamination between patients has become a major issue. Timesco’s single-use Callisto laryngoscopes are leading the way in preventing the spread of microorganisms, infections, spores and prions.

In guidelines published in the association of anaesthetists of Great Britain magazine, “Anaesthesia”, it was recommended that all laryngoscope blades and handles should be autoclaved and the use of single use devices encouraged. However, autoclaving does not guarantee the total elimination of prions on laryngoscopes.

Timesco’s Callisto single-use laryngoscopes offer ready to use convenience and cost savings compared to reusable laryngoscopes: Guaranteed control of cross contamination; no reprocessing or autoclaving costs; clinically clean, singleuse pre-packed; will not bend / deform in use; can be used with fibre reusable handles: Optima, Sirius, Optima XLED and singleuse handles Callisto S and Callisto LED.

The Callisto system is latex free, non-toxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste. Timesco products are ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA approved.

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Ampronix releases new MODALIXX G202MDL LCD display

Ampronix, a world class manufacturer of innovative medical technology, has released the newest addition to its MODALIXX line of medical modality monitors, the G202MDL.

MODALIXX LCD displays were the world’s first universal solution for the replacement of medical modality CRT monitors. Fully compatible with the industry’s top manufacturers like GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, and more MODALIXX offers the unique feature of enhancing legacy analog signals to vivid 2MP image quality on a 20.1” display. To further its flexibility, MODALIXX is compatible with a wide variety of mounting solutions to integrate seamlessly into any system.

MODALIXX G202MDL takes these classic MODALIXX features and enhances it by offering a clearer, brighter, LED lit image. MODALIXX G202MDL provides high 1200 cd/m2 brightness, 1500:1 contrast ratio, and a wide viewing angle. Along with a user-friendly OSD and low power consumption MODALIXX G202MDL is the ideal solution for Cath Lab, MRI, CT, CR, PET Scanners, RF rooms, C-Arm, and portable X-Ray applications. The G202MDL comes with a complete set of inputs of 1 to 5 BNCs and DVI-D connectors for a broad range of connectivity.

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