Jan-Feb 2016

A futuristic light for the OR

The cool light of the Aurinio LED OR light protects the tissue of patients from dehydration and ensures ideal work conditions for doctors and personnel. The power LEDs feature extremely low maintenance, are reliable and despite maximum luminous efficacy have a longer service life than other light sources. The design is futuristic, and the form compact, flat and streamlined. The ideal OR light for surgeons who demand a great deal. Aurinio LED OR light for maximum performance with minimum consumption.

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Timesco Callisto Flare preloaded LED single-use handles are market leaders

Over the past decade Timesco has become market leader in the field of Laryngoscopy with an unrivalled range of quality brands; reusable: fibre Optima, Sirius, standard Orion, and single-use: fibre Callisto and standard Europa light.

Timesco’s range of laryngoscopes have been further upgraded with the addition of the LED light for the reusable and single use handles and standard blades.

The single-use Callisto range has been expanded with the addition of Callisto Flare LED single-use dry cell and preloaded handles which are supplied complete with batteries. The Callisto Flare LED handles are available individually and also paired with the Callisto blades as handle and blade packs, ready to use.

Timesco’s Callisto single-use laryngoscopes offer control of cross contamination, no reprocessing or autoclaving costs and convenience. In a recent study in the USA, comparing costs of the reprocessing of reusable and single use laryngoscopes, it was found that the reprocessing cycle cost for reusable blades and handles was $17 and if there was a Hospital Acquired Infection the cost would increase to $27!

The Callisto system is latex free, non toxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste. Timesco products are ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA, etc. worldwide approved. Timesco Callisto Laryngoscopes, your no: 1 inexpensive, cross contamination prevention and convenient choice.

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Smart pillbox reminds patients when to take medication

‘Smart’ pillboxes track medication intake and send reminders to patients via text messages, phone calls, or e-mails. Some can automatically order prescription refills, send alerts when medication is missed, and update care teams and healthcare providers with data on patient compliance.

And how does this work? Special sensors are installed in medicine dispensers that record important data regarding intake-time, dosage, and application method. These devices then transmit automated messages to caregivers about usage and to pharmacies alerting them when medicines run low.

“The Internet of Things can be viewed as one of the strongest enablers of patientcentred healthcare, where healthcare systems are being urged to shift away from the ‘diagnose and cure’ model, to the ‘sense and prevent’ model,” said Sherry Zameer, Senior Vice President Telecommunication Solutions at Gemalto.

The smart pill dispenser is developed by MedMinder, with secure connectivity enabled by Gemalto’s M2M technology and backed by its advanced digital security solutions.

“This advanced mHealth (mobile health) device reminds patients to take their medication on time through visual, auditory, or SMS alerts. It also tracks medication intake, sends medical alerts to caregivers, and can be used to line up refills. The dispenser’s wireless connectivity feature safeguards the independence of patients, while providing relatives and caregivers peace of mind via remote monitoring tools,” said Zameer.

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