Mortally wounded - wound infections remain a major cause of mortality.
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Morbid adiposity - surgery remains the only viable treatment for the long-term resolution of life threatening obesity.
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Assisted conception
Assisted conception - advances in assisted reproductive technologies have lead to a number of new therapies.
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Everymanís Right - Scandinavians vehemently protect free access to their wilderness areas. They do the same for their healthcare system.
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Saudi man gets artificial heart
Arab Health beats expectations
Queen Rania opens Dubai Autism Centre
KFSH performs heart-lung transplant
EASE trial good news for high cholesterol
Childhood eczema rises
Doctors surveyed on Internet use
Hospital patients malnourished
Medical University for Bahrain
Managing pain

Scientists develop SARS vaccine
Exercise good for asthmatic children
Implantable brain computer chip testing approved
New revelations from decoded chromosome 19
WHO trials to be assigned ISRCTN
Drug-resistant TB widespread in East Europe
Woman performs Caesarian on herself
Journal of Sexual Medicine to be launched
Obese body shape a better indicator of risk

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