We are delighted, as always, to bring you another issue bulging with interesting and informative articles for healthcare professionals in the region. We take you to Saudi Arabia (page 20) to catch up with key healthcare leaders we spoke to last year and introduce a few others. There have been several new healthcare developments in the Saudi private sector, as well as progress in the scheme for mandatory health insurance for expatriates. Also reviewed are some of the key medical facilities in the kingdom.

What else? There’s an excellent interview on page 36 with plastic surgeon Dr Mohan Rangaswamy about a unique procedure called lipoabdominoplasty, the tummy tuck with a difference. Under the ‘wound care’ banner is an Iranian clinical study on the treatment of pressure ulcers using a hydrocolloid dressing; under ‘obstetrics and gynaecology’, you’ll find the latest findings on smoking during pregnancy, in a research article entitled ‘Maternal smoking and neonatal mortality’; and there are also articles on ENT and surgery equipment.

In addition, of course, there’s the usual – but still fascinating – medical news from the Middle East and the world as well as news of new products. And talking of news, we publish two interesting news features, one, an horrific tale of people selling their kidneys to escape debt in Pakistan and the other, about remarkable findings regarding the X-chromosome. As always, we hope you both enjoy and learn from the magazine – and, please, let us know what you think.

Stay informed.

Brian Wilkie

(May-Jun 2005)



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