Surgical equipment: The dream machine
Patients in the Middle East have access to the world’s most sophisticated neurosurgical operating room, one is operational in Dubai and another under construction in Riyadh. Callan Emery finds out more about this futuristic OR.
HPV test recommended for cervical cancer
The current technique for screening for cervical cancer involves collecting cells by way of a pap smear and examining them under a microscope. Although this method has reduced cervical cancer in countries where it is regularly used, it has several weaknesses.
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Prescription flip-side: guidelines for medication withdrawal
Although thousands of scientific papers evaluate and compare new and established drugs each year, providing evidence to help doctors prescribe safe and effective doses, almost no studies focus on when or how to stop these medications, even late in life.

AIDS in the Middle East
While HIV/AIDS prevalence in the Middle East remains low compared to most of the world, with less than 1% of the population reportedly infected in most countries of the region, experts say epidemics are possible.  

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