May-Jun 2006

Richard Wolf develops new rotation resectoscope

This recently developed rotation resectoscope is a new product system by Richard Wolf. More than 50 years of experience in developing medical high-tech products and product systems are demonstrated in this new rotation resectoscope.

The ability of different components to rotate 360° during continuous and intermittent irrigation through shafts is a special feature that facilitates easy and economical use. The fine shaft contour introduces a special novelty. It reduces friction inside the urethra, thus minimizing trauma to a great extent. The gel used is embedded in the fine shaft contour.


Integra launches new anaesthesia machine

The new Integra AVS from DRE features all of the most advanced features of a modern lowflow anaesthesia machine: contemporary ergonomic design, a Mechanical Anti-Hypoxic Device and Air/N2O interlock. What differentiates the AVS from its contemporaries, however, is its open architecture. This progressive design element allows for maximum workstation integration with the unit's standard AVS ventilator and A200SP absorber.

The AVS ventilator is equipped with volume, PCV and PSV modes; comprehensive printer/data outputs; integrated oxygen monitor and spirometry; electronic PEEP and a 30-minute battery backup. The modular interconnectivity of the unit was constructed to exploit the synergy of combining a superior machine with a sophisticated ventilator and an integrated absorber, but beyond capability and economy, the most appealing facet of the new Integra AVS may be its exceptional ease of use.

The unit features large, back-lit flowmeters for its twin oxygen, single nitrous oxide and single air yokes and a large colour touchscreen with easily accessible Com-wheel. The AVS ventilator's selectable dual waveform display offers a clear, precise depiction of Pressure vs. Time, Volume vs. Time or Pressure vs. Volume (for ventilation analysis).


Ergotron markets new highly flexible wall mount lift

Ergotron announced the expansion of its Neo-Flex product family with the introduction of the newly developed Neo-Flex Wall Mount Lift. After the Neo-Flex LCD Desk Arm and the Neo-Flex LCD Desk Stand, the already proven and successful Neo-Flex lift engine, is now to be experienced in a wall mounted configuration at a break through price level.

The Neo-Flex Wall Mount Lift allows a wide range of movement when mounting LCD monitors and LCD TVs to vertical surfaces such as walls, wall tracks and / or poles. This wall mount provides 13 cm of height adjustment, sidetoside rotation, forward backward tilt and portrait landscape viewing. There are no knobs or levers necessary to hold the screen in the desired position.

The Neo-Flex Wall Mount Lift is compatible with multiple size, VESA compliant monitors from 15” to 20”, weighing up to 7.2kg. It also comprises the proprietary Constant Force lift-and-pivot motion technology which assures quiet and fluid motion when adjusting the screen’s position while using minimum effort and obtaining optimal ergonomic viewing conditions.


Microgen Staph ID identifies all species of Staphylococcus

MeIn response to the need for an accurate, easy-to-use and cost effective identification system for clinically important Staphylococci, Microgen Bioproducts has developed the Microgen Staph ID.

The Microgen Staph ID can identify all species of Staphylococcus related to humans, both as commensals, opportunistic pathogens, and established pathogens. The kit may also be used to identify species of environmental and animal health significance. The Microgen Staph ID test panel consists of 13 biochemical tests specifically formulated to identify the target group of organisms.

When used in conjunction with a coagulase or Staphylococcal latex agglutination test, these test panels provide identification of Staphylococci within 24 hours of inoculation. The interpretation of results is provided with an easy-to-use computer database employing up-to-date taxonomy. Regular updates to the software are available at no charge for customers registered as software users. Each kit is contains sufficient test panels for 20 identifications.

The Microgen Staph ID is quick to set up and simple to read, providing a very effective means of identify these organisms which are often simply classified as Coagulase Negative Staphylococci because existing methods are both laborious and expensive. This is the latest addition to the family of innovative Microgen ID systems including Gram Negative Bacilli, Listeria spp and Bacillus spp

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GE’s Senographe Essential approved by FDA

GE’s new Senographe Essential for mammography has received US FDA approval. The Senographe Essential will enhance the way clinicians can evaluate women for breast cancer, by enhancing image quality. With a 24 x 31 cm detector size, the Senographe Essential offers the largest active field of view in the industry.

The foundation of the Senographe Essential imaging excellence is GE’s advanced digital detector, which at low doses delivers the industry's highest Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) – the new standard for quantifying digital X-ray image quality. In the largest cancer screening trial in history, published in September last year by the US National Cancer Institute and the American College of Radiology Imaging Network, GE’s Senographe digital mammography system was used for more exams than any other digital system (44%).

The study reported that while film and digital images are equally accurate for many women, digital mammograms had higher sensitivities for three subgroups of women: women under 50, women with heterogeneous or very dense breast tissue, and pre- or perimenopausal women.


Medtronic shows off new Adapta pacemaker portfolio

At the recent annual meeting on State of the Art Solutions for Arrhythmia and Heart Failure Management in Istanbul, Medtronic presented the latest developments in cardiac resynchronization disease management to cardiologists from Turkey and the Middle East.

The Medtronic Adapta Versa and Sensia pacing systems are designed to provide physiologic pacing adapted to the needs of individual patients. The Adapta pacemaker offers the Medtronic-exclusive pacing mode called MVP or Managed Ventricular Pacing, which enables the device to be programmed to deliver pacing pulses to the heart’s lower right chamber ventricle) only when necessary, often less than 2% of the time.

Other dualchamber pacemakers often pace the right ventricle 90% or more of the time. Recent clinical studies have suggested that reducing this pacing stimulation may reduce the patient’s risk of developing heart failure and atrial fibrillation, a potentially life-threatening irregular heartbeat.

The new pacemaker systems also incorporate an array of automatic features designed to help physicians improve pacing therapy and streamline the patient follow-up process, potentially minimising the amount of time spent in a physician’s office.


Ansell's new surgical gloves

Ansell Healthcare Europe, the global leader in hand protection solutions, is producing new surgical gloves that integrate HydraSoft, an innovative hydrating coating technology for surgical gloves. The company's best-selling powder-free latex glove, the Gammex PF, has been improved with moisturising agents specifically developed to help maintain the skin's natural barrier function and to help prevent the onset of contact dermatitis. The result is the Gammex PF HydraSoft surgical glove.


New desktop Pulse oximeter from Mediaid

Mediaid is offering the new Desktop Pulse Oximeter M960P with Waveform, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and Temperature ideal for monitoring any patient category from neonates to adults.

The new M960P features:
Bright, high resolution LCD screen to display the Pleth Waveform as well as the SpO2 and Pulse Rate readings.

Separate bright Led displays for systolic, diastolic and mean Blood Pressure readings.

Built-in printer facility for printing reports immediately.

Accurate BP readings in less than 40 seconds.

Nurse call facility that alerts the nurse station in case of emergency.

Connectivity to other life saving equipment.

24 hours Patient Data storage and trend data.

Patient data transfer to a computer

5 different languages option for easy access to clinicians across the world.

Software for patient data analysis


Armband measures energy expenditure for diabetes

It is already proven that lifestyle modifications involving diet and exercise are effective in reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes in patients with impaired glucose tolerance.

Measuring the level of energy expenditure required, with a high level of accuracy, has now been revolutionised with the development of the SenseWear Pro2 Armband. A multi-sensor monitor, worn on the tricep of the right arm which evaluates daily energy expenditure based on proprietary algorithms. In simple terms it uses a number of high precision sensors to gather information such as skin temperature, near body temperature, heat flux, movement, and galvanic skin response in conjunction with body measurements such as sex, age, height, and weight to calculate energy expenditure.

Weighing only 80g the SenseWear Pro2 Armband is a lightweight device and can store up to two weeks worth of data



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