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Iraq Update - Thousands dying in healthcare crisis
Escalating violence and widespread insecurity, combined with a worsening shortage of health workers, are putting severe pressure on the health of the Iraqi population. This pressure increases as people move within the country and into neighbouring countries in search of safer places to live.

Iran researchers develop herbal anti-AIDS drug
Iranian researchers have developed a herbal drug which they say reduces the spread of HIV/AIDS in infected people. They claim it is equally potent, if not more so, than currently used antiretrovirals. Middle East Health reports.
Yemen report - New marriage age could lower excessive maternal mortality
A proposal to raise the legal age of marriage to 18 in Yemen could see the country’s high maternal mortality rate drop drastically. Middle East Health reports.
H5N1 Update - First human case of bird flu in Cairo
In Egypt the number of people to test positive for the bird flu virus – H5N1 – has risen to 34, 14 of whom have died, (as of 16 April 2007), Egyptian health officials confirmed.

Personalised medicine - Viva la revolution
Over the next few decades we will witness a major change in the way medicine is practised, with diagnosis and treatment being tailored to suit each individual’s unique genetic profile. 
Diabetes - Time to reverse the trend
Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the Middle East and as prevalence continues to increase it will place a heavy burden on regional governments unless urgent action is taken to reverse the trend.

Medical Tourism - Connecting the medical & travel industries
Callan Emery went along and spoke to Dr Steve Tucker, the first elected president of the newly established International Medical Travel Association, which was officially launched at the Congress.

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