Nov-Dec 2006

CT laser mammography, a new way to image breast

United States-based Imaging Diagnostic Systems is doing pioneering work with laser optical breast imaging systems. The company has developed a Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (CTLM) system which they exhibited at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria, in March and at Arab Health in Dubai in January.

They say that clinical trials indicate the system may provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment monitoring of breast cancer compared to MR and ultrasound.

CTLM provides unique images of breast function by displaying blood distribution and volume. This approach to breast imaging detects angiogenesis, the development of new blood vessels usually associated with cancer. Developing tumours send chemical signals to the body that stimulate such new blood vessel growth, creating a blood supply for the tumour.

The CTLM system is a non-invasive breast imaging system that does not require breast compression or exposure to radiation. Patients lie facedown on the scanning bed so that the breast to be imaged is naturally suspended in the scanning chamber. As the laser rotates around the breast, the detectors collect absorption information in cross-sections, as in a CT exam. Physicians may view CTLM images in individual slices, or as 3-D volume images of the entire breast.

CTLM technology, in combination with conventional mammography and other techniques, adds to the multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer case management, providing more information on breast abnormalities. This additional information could help physicians to differentiate between benign and malignant lesions, allowing physicians and patients to make more informed case management decisions.

In the United States, Imaging Diagnostic Systems is seeking FDA Premarket Approval for the CTLM system to be used as an adjunct to mammography. The CTLM system is limited by United States Federal Law to investigational use only in the United States. The Imaging Diagnostic Systems CTLM system has received other registrations including CE, CMDCAS Canadian License, China SFDA, UL, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and FDA export certification.


Improved HbA1c reagent

Pointe Scientific has introduced an improved Direct HbA1c Reagent. The improved reagent shows minimal sensitivity loss of the combined R2 reagent on-board a chemistry analyzer. The reagent improvement can result in less frequent calibrations particularly in smaller labs that do not use up reagent as quickly as higher volume labs.

The increase in calibration stability for these types of users will result in more cost-effective determinations of HbA1c.

NGSP Certification is valid for the improved reagent. All current instrument applications from the company for its HbA1c Assay remain unchanged. For more information visit:

Anti-bacteria paint proves very effective

Dulux Paints has launched ‘Sterishield’ in the Unied Arab Emirates. It is a new range of water based coatings designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria on walls and ceilings. The new product is expected to attract customers in the medical and hospitality sectors.

Available in a wide range of colours in Diamond Matt and Eggshell finishes, Dulux Sterishield is a revolutionary new water-based paint, developed to promote a more hygienic environment. The Sterishield range is suitable for both exterior and interior use and can be applied on concrete, plaster and wood. Sterishield’s effectiveness lies in its active silver-based bactericide formula that combines with the durable and washable nature of the paint film.

Launched last year in Europe, Dulux Sterishield has been independently tested in real-life conditions created to assess its impact on harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In all cases Sterishield demonstrated a dramatic rate of decline in bacteria population compared to standard paint.

Independent laboratory tests in the UK have shown that even after 12 hours, 99% of bacteria are eliminated on contact with Sterishield, compared to regular paint.

For more information email: enquiries@ Or call: ICI Dulux Paints (Al Gurg Leigh Paints) – +971 4 3442525.

New DNA purification kits

GE Healthcare has launched several new additions to its illustra line of nucleic acid purification and amplification products within the company's Life Sciences business. The new DNA purification kits are designed to deliver optimal yield and purity from a variety of sample sources including blood, cells, bacteria and animal tissue.

The launch is part of GE Healthcare's drive to simplify the DNA sample preparation workflow for research scientists, said Eric Roman, general manager of the Genomic Sciences business for GE Healthcare. The new illustra products include:

- Plasmid DNA purification kits: illustra plasmidPrep Midi Flow, illustra plasmidPrep Mini Spin;  

- Genomic DNA purification kits: illustra blood genomicPrep Mini Spin, illustra blood genomicPrep  

- Midi Flow, illustra tissue & cells genomicPrep Mini Spin, illustra bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin;

- DNA clean-up kits: illustra GFX PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification Kit.

Monitor blood sugar in real-time

Medtronic has released the Guardian REAL-Time System, a doctor-prescribed, personal, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for improved diabetes management. The new CGM system is intended to help protect diabetes patients from high and low glucose levels, and maintain tighter glucose control. Improved glucose control has been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of certain long-term complications, including blindness, kidney failure, amputation, impotence, and heart disease.

The Guardian REAL-Time System will include the MiniLink REAL-Time Transmitter – a rechargeable, waterproof transmitter. The Guardian REAL-Time System also will incorporate the Medtronic CareLink Personal Therapy Management Software, which integrates data from the patient’s Guardian REAL-Time System, logbook and blood glucose meter to identify patterns and trends in glucose management.

Unique features only available with the Guardian REAL-Time System include predictive and rate-ofchange alarms and expanded trend graphs. In addition to standard high and low glucose alerts, new early warning alerts – predictive and rate of change – warn patients before their glucose reaches preset thresholds.

Comprehensive trend graphs show the effect of diet, exercise, medication, and lifestyle on glucose values in three-, six-, 12-, and 24-hour increments.

The Guardian REAL-Time System goes anywhere you go, no matter how active your lifestyle. The monitor is small, comfortable, and easy to wear – on your belt, in your pocket, or under your clothing. For more information visit:

Siemens releases new imaging capacity for echocardiography

Siemens Medical Solutions’ Ultrasound Division has introduced the high performance imaging release for their Acuson Sequoia echocardiography. The release adds two new transducers to the system: the 9L4 Multi-D and the 17L5 HD. Multi- D array transducer technology provides uniform elevation focusing for improved contrast and spatial resolution. The 17L5 HD transducer dramatically improves the vascular image detail, as well as overall resolution in imaging of the breast, small parts and complex masses. Its patentpending ergonomic design allows users to easily grip the transducer in their palm, reducing hand strain while scanning. The Acuson Sequoia high performance imaging release also includes Advanced SieClear spatial compounding with Dynamic TCE tissue contrast enhancement. Visit:

New electromedical safety analyser

New test technology incorporated in the advanced Rigel 288 electromedical safety analyser maximises versatility and portability considerations for EBME personnel involved in medical equipment safety testing.

As well as meeting IEC60601 test requirements, the Rigel 288 has been specifically designed to help biomedical engineers to carry out in-service and post-repair electrical safety testing of patient connected electromedical equipment in accordance with the new IEC 62353 standard.

Among other new innovations the new technology overcomes any contact resistance between the test probe and the device under test, for example, when measuring continuity of tarnished or corroded parts and often encountered detachable IEC power cables.

The highly versatile Rigel 288 represents the next generation of electrical safety analysers and has been specifically developed to provide BME departments and medical service engineers with an all in one compliance test solution.

Range of assays expanded

Applied Biosystems has expanded its range of TaqMan MicroRNA Assays, and now offers nearly 300 individual assays for cell differentiation, developmental biology, stem cell and cancer research.

The assays are based on a simple two-step process using Applied Biosystems’ proprietary stem-loop technology for reverse transcription of the mature microRNA followed by qualitative real-time PCR. In preliminary studies, the assays were able to quantify microRNAs in samples as small as 25 picogrammes of total RNA and discriminate between highly homologous mature microRNAs, such as the has-let-7 family.

These assays are able to discriminate between highly homologous microRNAs, and the precursor and mature microRNAs. This specificity, combined with the sensitivity and dynamic range of gold-standard TaqMan assay chemistry and real-time PCR, offers a robust, easily scalable, and cost-effective method to relate the expression of microRNAs with cell types. Visit:


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