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As is usually the case with health crises and emergencies the world over, the poor are the hardest hit. It should come as no surprise that many of the current problems were predicted as results of global warming, the focus of this year’s World Health Day on 7 April. As Margaret Chan, the director-general of the WHO, put it: climate change will affect, in profoundly adverse ways, the fundamental determinants of health – food, air and water. Middle East Health looks at some of the key issues regarding climate change and health – Page 32.

In an exclusive and wide ranging interview with Iraq’s inspectorgeneral of their Ministry of Health, we ask about the brain drain, sectarianism in the MoH, the reconstruction programme and more – Page 28.

The flight of millions of Iraqi refugees into neighbouring Syria and Jordan is placing enormous pressure on those countries’ healthcare systems. Many of the refugees go without adequate healthcare due to its prohibitive cost. We look at this major concern in the Jordanian context – Page 20.

Steve Rusckowski, the CEO of Philips Healthcare, was in Dubai recently. We sat down with him for an exclusive interview and posed questions on a number of issues ranging from the state of healthcare business in the region to Philips’ future plans in the global healthcare sector – Page 46.

In our focus on woman’s health we publish a peer-reviewed study which counters the assumption that human milk borne viruses cannot be associated with breast cancer – Page 34.

Also in this packed issue we look at some of the latest developments in PACS/RIS, as well as a few innovations in surgical devices which are set to significantly advance the pinpoint accuracy of surgical procedures.

And, as usual, you will find comprehensive medical news coverage from the region and world, along with the latest research, genetic and product news.

Good health!

Brian Wilkie

(May-Jun 2008)



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