May-Jun 2008

Toshiba launches new ultrasound system

Toshiba has launched the Aplio Artida ultrasound system to meet the demands of the growing cardiac 4D market.

Artida’s real-time, multiplanar reformatting capabilities enable physicians to quantify global and regional LV function, including LV ejection fraction, volume and severity of regurgitation. Arbitrary views of the heart not available in 2D imaging are also obtained that can help with surgical planning.

The Artida is the first ultrasound system in the world with the ability to track myocardial motion and display myocardial motion in 3D images. 2D/3D wall motion tracking features from Toshiba allow the user to obtain angle-independent, quantitative and regional information about myocardial contraction. This ability to identify wall motion defects and heart timing will greatly improve Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) using pace makers by determining who will be a responder to CRT and who will probably not. It will also help physicians optimize the pace maker setting.

Artida includes additional features that enhance diagnostic capabilities, including multiple processors that run synchronously which allows for handling of large amounts of data. It employs the distributed processing power of more than 80 processor cores interconnected by a fast digital system interface. In fact, the engine is so powerful it can process an amount of data equal to a fully loaded DVD every single second.

Artida’s SmartCast Beamformer uses advanced digital signal processing to control the shape of the ultrasound beam more precisely and flexibly than in comparable systems.

A variety of prospective and retrospective volume acquisition modes provide the freedom and flexibility to easily acquire and store 4D volumes as raw data. The easyto-use volume navigation is delay-free and enables fast and accurate surfing of the volumes at any time, either on the system or off-line.

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Applied Biosystems advances cell-based gene expression research

Applied Biosystems has launched a new family of TaqMan Cells-to-CT Kits for performing cell-based gene expression research more rapidly. The kits eliminate the time-consuming step of RNA purification, reducing the amount of time that is typically necessary to prepare and analyse RNA from cultured cells using real-time PCR in applications such as siRNAmediated gene silencing and microRNA analysis.

The TaqMan Cells-to-CT Kits allow expression analysis to be performed directly from cultured mammalian cells derived from a variety of tissue sources, including epithelial cells and stem cells. Sample preparation time is reduced to under ten minutes, compared to the traditionally required 30 to 60 minutes, and loss of RNA is eliminated. The kits incorporate the gold standard TaqMan chemistry, forming part of a complete workflow that has been designed with all the necessary reagents for performing expression analysis and are validated for use with the Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays and Arrays. The family includes kits for gene expression analysis from mRNA; pre-amplification of selected targets; microRNA expression analysis; and gene expression analysis with fast real-time PCR.

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Carestream Health launches new CR system

Carestream Health launched its new KODAK Point-of- Care CR 360 System. The compact design of the tabletop CR 360 system provides reliable general radiology and dental imaging capabilities in a centralized or distributed environment. The lightweight CR 360 system can be used on a tabletop or on a Z-cart that enables users to take the equipment to the patient. The CR 360 system provides high resolution images with a wide exposure range and low noise. The system’s new operating software delivers a streamlined workflow, while its DICOM capabilities allow it to be easily integrated with a variety of RIS/PACS systems. The CR 360 system is designed for low to midvolume imaging at hospitals, clinics and physician practices, with a throughput of up to 60 35 x 43 cm plates per hour.

The system supports standard cassette sizes and is available in 13 languages including: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Simple Chinese, Spanish (International), Swedish and Turkish. A long-length 14 x 33 inch cassette is planned as part of a future upgrade.

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Berchtold’s new surgical light - bigger, brighter, more uniform

Berchtold’s CHROMOPHARE E-Series includes surgical lights with HID gas discharge or BRITe halogen technology. All lights achieve a new type of plateau-shaped illumination: the light field is illuminated with uniform intensity at every point. The light remains cool in spite of its greater illuminating power. The redesigned free-form polygon reflector also ensures superior visibility due to a minimum of shadows.

The gas discharge lights of the HID series E 805 and E 655 are also distinguished by their very consistent illumination of a large light field. In the case of the CHROMOPHARE E 805, this is enhanced even further by a significant increase of illumination of 100,000 lux within the central light field. A pleasant innovation is the "Sleep Function" which makes it possible to blend out the light temporarily and restore it immediately to full power when needed. The gentle lowlight level "GuideLite” remains present during Sleep Function and offers a pleasant orientation glow. The innovative “AutoLux” function of the E 805 HID light offers the option of electronic intensity control; this makes it possible to increase or reduce the light field area with no change in either the quality or intensity of illumination. Refocusing is not needed.

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Eye-control communication device designed for people
with special needs

MyTobii P10 is the first truly portable eye controlled communication device designed for individuals with special needs. It allows you to interact through printed words, symbols, speech or voice output by just looking.

User groups that benefit from MyTobii include people of all ages and cognitive functioning with Cerebral Palsy, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and many other conditions. MyTobii’s unique ability to deal with large head movements has opened up eye control for people who are unable to use other eye controlled systems, including children and users with CP. MyTobii takes only minutes to set up. The user does not need to “do” or “wear” anything. You just sit in front of the unit and look at keys or symbols displayed on the screen, as in front of a regular computer.

The unit’s 15-inch screen, eye control and computer are integrated into one sturdy unit. There are no fragile external cameras or lighting units. It can be mounted for use at a desk, wheelchair, bed or anywhere suitable for the user. It can be powered from a wall socket, power wheelchair or separate battery.

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New Völker Supply Bar offers ideal solution

In February 2008, the new Völker Supply Bar received an “honourable mention” by the international jury of the reddot design award. The Supply Bar was noted as a very successful, detailed control panel solution for any hospital ward.

The Völker Supply Bar, developed in conjunction with the Porsche Design Studio, is an ideal all-in-one synthesis of form and function for all accessories needed for nursing the patient, that is, bed and room lights, nurse bell and phone connection, trays and drawers as well as ISO rail mounts and an electronic patient file laptop.

The Völker Supply Bar is a vertical supply and storage system mounted next to the bed, providing nurses with an ideal working environment and perfect access to the patient. It is a visually and ergonomically ideal solution. It also benefits patients’ comfort and safety. As well as being the best solution for any new ward. the Völker Supply Bar can be retrofitted anytime, anywhere.

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Samtronic enhances its infusion pump

Samtronic, the well known Brazilian Infusion Pump manufacturer has announced the enhancement of their Linear Peristaltic Volumetric Infusion Pump ST1000. Both adult and paediatric models include a volume range of 0.1 to 999.9 ml/hr in 0.1ml/hr increments, a highly visual blue monochrome alphanumeric main display showing added functions of adjustable KVO, adjustable bolus and a built-in mmHg pressure on demand display.

The upgraded drop detector is both liquid proof and unaffected to ambient light with these features being housed in a new softline design to match the new ST 1000's softline housing. The battery life has been extended to 6 hours at 25 ml/h, but the weight is still a very low 2.3 kg. Dimensions are a compact 160 x 205 x 180 mm. The unit has a wide range of compatible PVC and inert IV administration sets.

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Home sleep screener introduced

US-based Grass Technologies has introduces SleepTrek3, a new six-channel type III Sleep Screener for home use. The company said they expect this to benefit not only existing hospitals and sleep labs, but also to expand the market to other physicians who may now prescribe home sleep to patients.

SleepTrek3 is a compact, lightweight portable monitor designed specifically to screen patients suspected of having sleep disorders. It is easy to set up and record in the patient’s home. The next day the sleep lab can review and print a comprehensive report and analysis of the study using one of the easy-touse Grass software programs.

SleepTrek3 records airflow, snoring, effort, body position, oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Its internal rechargeable battery will record over 12 hours of data, more than sufficient for a typical night’s sleep. SleepTrek3 is supplied with sensors, wearable pouch, home carry case and rechargeable battery and easy-to-use software for review and report generation. ■ For more information visit:

Barco introduces 6MP display

Barco’s cutting edge 6 MegaPixel display system, Coronis Fusion 6MP DL, has made a very successful debut in the international radiology community, with orders coming in from around Europe and Asia. The unit has recently received clearance in the US.

Coronis Fusion 6MP DL is a versatile display system designed to further enhance flexibility and productivity in diagnostic imaging. The system introduces the industry’s first 30-inch color LCD that can be used as two seamless 3 MegaPixel heads or one wide-screen 6 MegaPixel display. This allows radiologists to read chest X-ray, CT, MR, cath and echo cardiogram images, or any other combination, side by side on a single diagnostic screen.

The new product is the first diagnostic system based on the latest breakthrough In-Plane Switching Pro (IPS-Pro) LCD technology. Compared to conventional LCD technologies, this IPS-Pro technology sets new standards for brightness and contrast, even from a wide viewing angle. To achieve the best diagnostic precision, Coronis Fusion 6MP DL also integrates a number of proven Barco technologies. One of these is the unique diagnostic luminance system, which delivers a DICOM-calibrated luminance of 800 cd/m², allowing for simultaneous reading of color, grayscale and fused modalities. Coronal views, for instance, can now be combined with smaller MIPS and volume rendered images on the same screen to facilitate diagnostic decisions.

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