Clear vision

The Qatar Government has spent a lot of time and resources in building up a strong and coherent picture of what it wants, and what is achievable, for the country’s future. This includes a grand vision of the type of healthcare system that it believes is required for its people in the 21st century, which it is steadily putting into place by building infrastructure and establishing partners with leaders in the field. Its development plans continue unabated despite a general economic slowdown in the region and elsewhere, but then this is perhaps to be expected from a country which has enormous oil and gas reserves, the highest per capita income in the world, and the highest expected global GDP growth rate this year – an astounding 24%, mainly due to new gas plants coming online.

On our recent extended visit to the country, we were delighted to be so well received, and introduced to so many of the new key players as ‘the best medical magazine in the Middle East’. In this month’s Qatar report, we look at the changing face of healthcare there, and provide a comprehensive profile of the current setup and developing infrastructure, as well as profiling some of the important players in the country’s medical establishment.

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women worldwide. At issue is the fact that this cancer is preventable, through a combination of HPV vaccine and regular Pap smear screening. As the incidence of cervical cancer continues to increase in the region, it is clear that there is a need for greater awareness among healthcare practitioners, parents and ministries of health to do what they can to reverse the trend. Do read ‘Prevention Priority’ on page 40 – and do pass it on, both to your patients and to all those who are important to you.

The landmark ACCORD clinical trial found that blood-pressure-lipid combination therapy does not actually reduce cardiovascular events in diabetic adults. Read about the trial and results on page 23. You’ll also find more news of the latest international medical research in our regular ‘The Laboratory’ section on page 14.

And, as usual, there’s a comprehensive round-up of the latest regional and international medical news, in addition to reviews of some of the hot new medical devices entering the market.

Good reading, and good health.

Brian Wilkie

(May-Jun 2010)



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