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Public Health - World Health Day – Call to combat drug resistance
April 7 is World Health Day, a day celebrated around the world each year to mark the founding of the World Health Organisation, more than 60 years ago. Each year the WHO chooses an issue on which to focus – and this year it is “Combat Drug Resistance”.
Gaza Report - Chronic shortage of drugs
The cancer started in Fatima Hassami’s breast before spreading to her bones, leading to multiple fractures in her left leg and constant pain for the 70-year-old...
  Avian Flu - Egypt new epicentre for H5N1 infections
With 119 confirmed cases between March 2006 and December 2010, Egypt ranks second among countries reporting human H5N1 influenza virus infections. In 2009–2010, Egypt reported 68 new human cases and became the new epicentre for H5N1 infections.
Pharmaceuticals - New pneumococcal vaccine could massively reduce paediatric mortality
An estimated 700,000 deaths could be averted by 2015 with the widespread use of a new vaccine against pneumonia and other pneumococcal diseases. Pneumonia is the world’s biggest single killer of children.

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