May-Jun 2011


Innovative Airfree kills airborne allergens without fans or filters

Most coughs, colds, sneezing, watery eyes and nasal congestion are commonly caused by airborne allergens such as mould and fungal spores, pollen, dust mite allergens. Gulf residents suffer a disproportionately higher rate of breathing allergies and asthma, according to the WHO’s Global Initiative for Asthma. The majority of breathingrelated problems are preventable by destroying these invisible allergens and micro-organisms in indoor air.

Airfree is a unique, patented air purification technology designed and manufactured in Europe. It is based on safe and natural heat sterilisation. Airfree removes airborne allergens by incinerating them and then returns the air back to the room without affecting ambient room temperature. Airfree devices have zero maintenance, no consumables, are completely silent and have very low electricity consumption.

The Airfree system functions using a patented thermodynamic system without the use of fans, filters, chemicals or hazardous emissions. The thermodynamic ceramic core, which is maintained at a constant 200 degrees C, generates airflow through convection. The air is drawn through the system and the heat kills airborne allergens and micro-organisms. Independent tests show that the system kills 99.9% of indoor airborne allergens.

The Airfree device is ideal for homes, hospitals and medical facilities where air purification is required. A single device is used in each enclosed room. It runs nonstop. As it has no moving parts, it is completely silent and requires no maintenance or cleaning, unlike the fans and filters in standard air purifiers.

The Airfree device comes in a range of models suited to various room sizes. Baby Air – purifies 55m3 air; floor area 18.3m2 S2000 – 60m3; 20m2 Allergen – 60m3; 20m2 S3000 – 80m3; 26.6m2 S4000 – 125m3; 41.6m2


BOWA ARC 250 & ARC PLUS offer maximum safety with argon plasma coagulation in flexible endoscopy

In connection with ARC PLUS, BOWA ARC 250 offers an unbeatable device system. The incredibly low 5W power setting enables safe and fine-dose control of argon plasma coagulation. This ensures practically stepless control of the depth of penetration with argon plasma coagulation.

The excellent flow characteristics of the new flexible probes with tungsten electrode also enables improved ignition at compatible systems. The tips are perfectly rounded and atraumatic. The probes are green and thus easy to distinguish from conventional probes.

This guarantees even safer efficient coagulation in areas with a higher risk of perforation, e.g. the small intestine. The contactless procedure prevents soiled electrodes or mechanical traumas.

The procedure is particularly suitable for the following application areas in gastroenterology: polypectomy, papillotomy, double balloon enteroscopy, coloscopy, mucosectomy, rectoscopy and gastroscopy. BOWA offers flexible probes for various application areas.

BOWA-electronic is based in Gomaringen, Germany.


Patient in your Pocket

CSC Healthcare EMEA, part of the CSC Global Healthcare Group, has recently opened offices in Dubai and Riyadh and has offices planned for Abu Dhabi, Doha and Kuwait City, as they make a concerted push on the Middle East market. The company is a leading provider of interoperable, scalable IT healthcare solutions and is working with ministries of health and private healthcare providers to transform healthcare with better information to improve decision making.

Middle East Health spoke to Andrew Spence, director, and Femi Ladega, director strategic engagement EMEA Healthcare, about some of their products.

Of particular interest is the Patient in a Pocket solution, a joint venture with RIM (Research In Motion) the maker of Blackberry smartphones.

In essence the solution enables healthcare professionals to access and update patient information at the point of care using a BlackBerry and by doing so it increases their mobility allowing them to see more patients in a day.

This is a trend in healthcare and “increasing mobility will converge on universal smart phone devices”, explained Ladega. The solution combines several powerful features in a single easy-to-use application, enabling healthcare professionals on the move to spend more time on front-line patient care.

In particular, it offers secure connection to patient electronic health records, which can be updated from the point of care with voice, text, video and photographic data.

The Patient in your Pocket solution allows healthcare providers to access their schedule of appointments, retrieve up-todate information about the patient’s condition and enter new data directly into the smartphone, either by dictating notes or filling in forms using a ‘digital’ pen. This feature allows a healthcare worker to do most of their record keeping while on the road.

Patient confidentiality is protected through the use of smartcard log-on and strong data encryption.


UAE’s Grand Stores introduces hi-tec Fujifilm products

Grand Stores – the exclusive distributor of Fujifilm medical products in the UAE has introduced the latest additions to its Innovative Imaging Products portfolio.

- FDR D-EVO Suite – is a digital general radiography system which offers a lightweight ceiling supported X-ray tube and the cassette-type portable Flat Panel Detector “D-EVO”. With the combination of Fujifilm’s new proprietary “ISS” Technology indirect conversion Flat Panel Detector (FPD) and Image Intelligence software, the FDR D-EVO offers extremely high quality images for an FPD System.

- Amulet with Stereotactic Biopsy Unit – is the world’s first digital mammography system to be equipped with Fujifilm’s unique Direct Conversion Flat Panel Detector and featuring 50 micrometer pixel pitch resulting in higher resolution and low noise. Thus, the FDR Amulet with its high resolution imaging and stereo-tactic biopsy system provides accurate and absolute stereotactic biopsy examinations.

- Fazone CB – is a complete digital ultrasound system packed with advanced technologies from Fujifilm. With its small and lightweight 12 inch screen, touch panel and large buttons, the FAZONE CB provides unparalleled high functionality, user friendly operability and advanced network solutions. It also offers high image quality for use in hospital outpatient departments, hospital wards and examination vehicles.

- In addition, the FCR GO 2 from Fujifilm is a flexible and highperformance portable light-weight CR x-ray unit which offers easy travel at bedsides and elevators. The new FCR GO 2 offers a higher x-ray output with its new 32kW generator that can reduce exposure time and prevent motion artifact.

seca 360° wireless – a new era of weighing and measuring

Weight and height – their exact measurements have made seca the world’s market leader for medical weighing and measuring. Now the company offers a unique system solution that is seamlessly integrated in modern medical practice and hospital equipment. The new seca 360° wireless system resolves the problems of precise data capture, transmission and interpretation of weight, height and other general health parameters.

Extensive product range

seca 360° wireless is not just a single product but a complete network for diagnostic support. The wireless seca scales and measuring instruments securely and quickly transmit captured data via a special medical wireless protocol to the seca network. Among the products in the seca 360° wireless system are the baby scale seca 374, the column scale 703, the stadiometers seca 274 (portable) and seca 264 (wall-mounted) and the measuring station seca 284, which measures and weighs in a single step. seca's own wireless protocol ensures that the individual components securely and automatically register themselves in the network when they are switched on. The user can specify where the data are to be received – on the seca 360° wireless printer or directly on a PC equipped with the medical software seca analytics 105.

Precedent-setting diagnostic support

With the medical software seca analytics 105, seca puts a competent assistant at the physician’s side. After a seca 360° wireless product has been selected, just the press of a key initiates the analysis and interpretation of the wirelessly received height and weight measurements. The seca analytics 105 thus supports early recognition of disease, assists the doctor in selecting courses of therapy and visualizes results for presentation to patients. In addition, the software guarantees trouble-free integration in an existing EMR-system.


Steris offers solution for manual endoscope reprocessing

UK-based Steris, a global leader in decontamination and infection control, has launched BlackBox, a compact device designed to aid manual reprocessing of endoscopes. This cost effective system offers sterile service managers an easy way to standardise reprocessing procedures, providing on-screen instructions to guide the user through the manual steps of leak testing, washing, rinsing, disinfecting and purging endoscopes.

BlackBox can be used as a stand-alone option to assist manual reprocessing, or used prior to automated reprocessing to detect blockages in the internal channels of an endoscope, and is designed for safe use with detergents, disinfectants, water and alcohol suitable for use with endoscopes. BlackBox is equipped with a printer to record the reprocessing steps performed on each endoscope, providing an audit trail to simplify regulatory compliance, and has four easy-access ports for straightforward connection of the endoscope during manual processing. Individual reprocessing steps can be selected and programmed according to either the manufacturer guidelines or local procedures using the intuitive touch screen interface, ensuring that BlackBox fits with your existing workflow and regulatory requirements.


Berchtold publishes new components catalogue

Berchtold, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high quality surgical equipment, offers versatile storage accessories for their OR table models D760, D820 and D850 from the Operon series. The company has also recently published a comprehensive and informative catalogue of more than 150 components. On the 64 pages there is reference material about standard accessories, such as storage aids and operating elements, through to special accessories for complex surgical procedures.

A special product overview addresses different medical disciplines such as adipositas surgery, orthopaedics or ophthalmology. Detailed product illustrations graphically describe how the respective components are fastened to the table. Alongside this, short technical information describes the functions of the various accessory parts. The article number and information about the compatibility to each OR table model completes the catalogue.

Components for the discontinued table models D 750 and 752, as well as B 710 and 712, can still be ordered in this catalogue.

Download the Berchtold catalogue

Carestream Health’s two new printers address diverse needs of imaging providers

Carestream Health has two works-inprogress printers:

- The tabletop Carestream Dryview 5700 Laser Imager for affordable high-quality film output. This printer will deliver affordable, desktop output of CR, DR, MRI and CTexams onto medical film. This compact imager will combine high quality and reliability with low operating costs, which will make it an attractive solution for many clinics, imaging centres and other imaging services providers.

- The Carestream Dryview Chroma Imager, which will reproduce colour or grayscale images and medical documents onto paper or film. This versatile document and image printer will enable imaging centres, hospital departments, and other facilities to print highquality, low-cost grayscale and colour images from various modalities, including CT, CT/PET, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, CR, DR and radiation therapy planning – to paper or medical film.

Carestream Health

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