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Smartphones and the applications built for these devices – both Android and Apple – are making inroads to all spheres of living, not least the healthcare sector. Middle East Heath introduces this new column of healthcare-related mobile applications reviews. The Apple App Store has in excess of 500,000 Apps. With so many Apps available, this column is intended to show you a sample of what is available for the medical professional, specifically. Let us know which Apps you are using and find useful. Write to the editor: All the Apps reviewed are available in either the Apple’s App Store or in an Android Store – there is one on

HeartWise & BloodWise

SwEng has launched two easy-to-use medical Apps for the iPhone and iPad – HeartWise Blood Pressure Monitor and BloodWise Glucose/Blood Sugar Tracker. Heartwise records and keeps track of blood pressure and resting heart rate. Built in visualisation shows trends over time, and detailed analysis and statistics of how your blood pressure fluctuates on a daily basis.

BloodWise records and tracks glucose/blood sugar concentrations on a daily basis. With the help of charts one can see measurements, long term trends, and averages. A statistics page summarises and plots average daily glucose levels, showing a personalised chart of level fluctuate over the course of a day. Export features facilitate emailing the records to oneself or one’s physician.

Pocket Yoga

Designed for the iPad, iPod and iPhone by experienced yoga instructors, this app helps you keep up with your yoga practice at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Simply place the device in front of your mat, start a practice and the Pocket Yoga app will guide you through the entire session with voice and visual instructions including inhalation and exhalation.

One can choose between 3 different practices – 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations, with a total of 27 different sessions.

The app also provides the user with a dictionary of poses containing descriptions and benefits of each pose.

Outbreaks Near Me

Outbreaks Near Me, an iPhone app, created by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, enables users to track and report outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as H1N1 (swine flu), on the ground in real time. The app built on the back of HealthMap, an online resource that collects, filters, maps and disseminates information about emerging infectious diseases, and provides a new, contextualised view of a user’s specific location – pinpointing outbreaks that have been reported in the vicinity of the user and offering the opportunity to search for additional outbreak information by location or disease.

Additional functionality of Outbreaks Near Me is the ability to set alerts that will notify a user on their device or by email when new outbreaks are reported in their proximity, or if a user enters a new area of activity.

The app also features an option for users to submit an outbreak report. This will enable individuals in cities and countries around the world to interact with the HealthMap team and participate in the public health surveillance process. Users may take photos – of situations and scenarios of, and/or leading to, disease – with their iPhone and submit them to the HealthMap system for review and eventual posting as an alert on the worldwide map.

Skyscape Medical Resources

This is a freely available clinical decision-making tool to help physicians, nurses and students find the right answers at point of care or anywhere. Comprehensive information on various drug brands and generics with images and over 400 integrated dosing calculators are included.

It also includes a medical calculator, Archimedes, with more than 200 interactive tools organised by specialty. The user can also have access to evidence-based clinical information on hundreds of diseases and symptoms-related topics which are presented in a convenient outline format.

Once you’ve downloaded the free app, you can use it to purchase premium resources, created in partnership with 50 trusted medical publishers, such as Davis Drug Guide for Nurses; Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy; Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy; among other resources.

Medscape helps you refresh your knowledge

Medscape recently released a new app for drug reference. One can look for over 8,000 brand, generic and OTC drugs, herbals and supplements, and check mild interactions to serious contraindications for any combination of drugs, herbals and supplements.

The user can review the latest in-depth clinical information for over 4,000 diseases and conditions which is enhanced with clinical images and procedural videos. This app also helps you follow detailed step-by-step instructions for over 600 clinical procedures, including over 100 widely used tables and protocols.

This app is ideally suited to medical professionals and students and serves as a quick reference to refresh one’s medical knowledge. 

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