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From vision to reality

We have a great line-up of features in this forwardlooking issue of Middle East Health. First, we look at Qatar which is undergoing rapid development in all sectors, not least healthcare. With the world’s highest GDP per capita and a clear plan for the future outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030 initiative, the country is steadily turning its ambitious plan into reality. Healthcare is a key part of this and we look at the latest developments in the sector in “A vision of the future starts to take shape” on page 32. We also speak to Cerner’s Greg White about the huge contract they recently won to set up a countrywide Hospital Information System in Qatar – his interview is on page 42.

One of the key and increasingly difficult challenges facing the healthcare sector, particularly in the Gulf, is attracting and keeping talented staff. Dr Ehssan Abdallah, a senior consultant at Gallup, looks at the problem and at ways to help administrators keep their personnel on board (page 30).

In this issue’s UAE Report, we look at the Government’s use of publicprivate partnerships to develop the healthcare sector, and what is required to create the right environment for the establishment and successful outcome of such projects. They sound easy and obvious in principle – but what’s the reality like? See for yourself on page 54.

You have no doubt heard of the phrase Web 2.0, where the Internet is no longer used only as a resource for information, but is now also a medium for communication – look at Facebook and Twitter, for example. We can now use smart devices like iPads and iPhones to instantly send images – and even video – from your desk or armchair to anyone anywhere in the world. Philips Healthcare have embraced this development with their new Imaging 2.0 initiative, which integrates imaging devices and enhances communications within teams of physicians, radiologists and nurses, all with the aim of improving clinical healthcare. We speak with Philips’ Jay Mazelsky and Hans Kleine Schaars, specialists in this field, about the initiative, on page 50.

Medical equipment and services are changing faster than ever, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up – but we’re trying our best! There is a lot in this issue that will hopefully inform and interest you. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Good reading – and good health.

Brian Wilkie

(May-Jun 2012)



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