May-June 2013


Surgical evolution – made in Switzerland

In an ideal, perfect world, complications would be trained in a safe and risk-free environment with no live patients involved. The training tool would look and feel exactly the same as “the real thing”. And it would teach the right way to do a procedure and correct any slight little mistake a trainee would commit.

Swiss engineers have made all of the above possible, and even more: Virtual reality simulators offer high-fidelity graphics in HD. Original instruments from the operating room are equipped with sensors. They work just as in real life, train all the skills necessary and thus facilitate the transition to the OR. And an endless variety of various pathologies awaits the trainee – a variety that surgeons would only encounter during years of practice.

Hints and colored “ghost tools” show the best way to deal with a specific patient case. Experts define scores for objective performance feedback after each surgical procedure. Metrics include safety, correct handling of the instruments and how well the surgeon dealt with the pathology.

Until now, the company VirtaMed based in Zurich, Switzerland, offers surgical simulators for training in four disciplines. These are hysteroscopy, transurethral resection of the prostate, knee arthroscopy and – in prototype state – shoulder arthroscopy.

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Intersurgical launches Adult and Paediatric Compact Breathing Systems

Following the success of the Compact extendable breathing systems for adults, Intersurgical has launched a new paediatric range, with features that offer distinct advantages:

- Supplied concertinaed increases the number of systems per box, for more cost effective storage and disposal, resulting in significant space savings. A standard box of Compact systems could provide a hospital with an extra three weeks supply*.
- Adjustable length means the tubing can be extended/collapsed to suit your exact needs
- Shallow profile tube improves laminar gas flow and lower resistance to flow
- Softer material results in a quiet, non-disruptive sound when expanded and collapsed
- Flexibility allows for easy tube positioning, without the need for additional connections - ideal for head and neck surgery
- Compliance is excellent when extended, at 0.28ml/mbar per metre of tube - less than that required in the ISO 5367:2000 standard

The Paediatric Compact breathing system is available in three lengths: 1.5m, 2.0m, and 3.0m (extended length). A one-litre reservoir bag with limb options is also available. Contact your local distributor to try the product yourself.


* Comparison based on a hospital with four operating theatres changing the breathing system on a daily basis. Example systems used: Intersurgical code 2150 (Compact II) and code 2000 (Flextube).

Ampronix’s Scanmaxx lets you connect PC to PACS

The Scanmaxx USB2DVI4MP is a multipurpose unit. It’s the first medical external video card that allows you to easily and directly connect your desktop or laptop to two PACS displays at resolutions up to 4 MP at the same time.

Why not avoid the chaos of opening your PC and adding additional internal video cards? In addition, Scanmaxx USB2DVI4MP eliminates the concern of software conflicts that can occur when adding a secondary video card.

The Scanmaxx USB2DVI4MP is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. It works with both USB 2.0 and 3.0. This unit is compact and is easy to store in any space. It also includes three USB 3.0 hubs, audio and Gigabit Ethernet. All these features will streamline your work flow and allow you to quickly and easily connect all your workspace peripherals.

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Timesco’s single use laryngoscopes provide 100% infection control

Timesco Healthcare, England, has been at the forefront of laryngoscopes design, manufacture and innovative developments in intubation for the past four decades.

Timesco manufactures the best single use laryngoscopes systems available, with the traditional bulb in the blade, ‘Europa’ and fiber optic, ‘Callisto’ systems, enabling millions of intubations to be performed by medical professionals worldwide.

Both the Europa and Callisto systems feature unique low profile, “non touch” blades and are complemented with the single use Callisto and Europa handles.

Specialist blades for difficult intubation, such as the ‘Eclipse’ tilting tip are also available in Callisto designs.

Timesco single use laryngoscopes are supplied clinically clean in individual packaging and conform to ISO international standards of fittings and manufacture.

Timesco is a progressive and innovative company, which has recently introduced new Energy Efficient Systems for extended battery life, Kinetic energy power systems and new rechargeable systems to power our Laryngoscopes and Diagnostic systems. New LED handles and LED single use laryngoscopes blades have also been added to the ranges. l

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Zio tech provides Audio Visual solutions to leading hospitals

The fastest-growing system integration company in the GCC lists an impressive line-up of hospital clients.

Zio Technologies is one of the best-known names in the system integration field in the GCC. A turnkey solutions provider that set up shop a little more than 10 years ago, Zio has grown to a multi-million dollar company that dominates the marketplace. Involved in every significant project in the region, Zio employs a large team of technical professionals and has offices at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain.

“There was a time long ago when we would celebrate the novelty of a million-dollar project; today it has become normal to be awarded projects over $10 million,” says Parag Vadodaria, CEO, Zio Technologies.

The hospitals on Zio’s client list read like a who’s who among regional caregivers: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Al Wasl Hospital, American Hospital, Canadian Specialist Hospital, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Iranian Hospital and Latifa Hospital among several other leading names.

The company specialises in integrated Audio Visual Solutions including modern Nurse calling and Videoconferencing systems (for operations and doctor meetings) among others, and employs a team of dedicated professionals capable of customising solutions for clients. “It is a matter of great pride that half our business is driven by repeat customers or referrals, which says a lot for our support services,” says Vadodaria.

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