May-June 2014


Armstrong’s aluminum A-SMART Premier Carts are the perfect fit

Dependable and durable, Armstrong’s ASMART Aluminum (doesn’t rust!) Premier Carts are the perfect fit no matter what your department.

Eighteen colors and hundreds of accessories make A-SMART Carts the most versatile on the market. A-SMART Carts are offered with either a key, breakaway or push-button lock.

Also, all A-SMART Carts are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 certified standards, and all full-size A-SMART Carts come with double side-wall construction, stabilizing frame with bumper, soft-grip handles, highquality swivel casters (two locking, one tracking), and ball bearing drawer slides as standard features.

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Rack Mount Recirculating Chiller raises the bar for performance

The CRAL700 series of chillers are the most powerful thermoelectric based chillers on the market.

These units are designed to handle high heat dissipation without sacrificing efficiency. The CRAL700DRHP is a rack-mounted unit that offers built-in heating and cooling.

The CRAL700 is recommended for those customers looking for the highest capacity recirculating thermoelectric chiller in their Photonics systems. The CRAL700 CustomChill has raised the bar for performance without compromising utility.

The CRAL700 is almost twice as powerful as the CRAL400 while in the same package. This high efficiency unit offers maintenance-free long-lasting performance. This chiller comes standard with a universal power input with PFC (Power Factor Correction), PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control, and heating option as a standard.

The CRAL700DRHP chiller maintains temperature accuracy of fluid within +/- a tenth of a degree C. To ensure long lasting quality and performance these units are also offered with a variety of safety features and alarms upon customer request.

The CRAL700DRHP rack mount chiller offers the most innovative cooling and heating technology available for Laser, Medical, and specific industrial applications.

CustomChill’s chillers utilize thermoelectric technology, making them the most efficient and environmentally friendly chillers on the market today.

CRAL700DRHP Standard Features
- Programmable Digital Controller (PID)
- Low Fluid Level Indicator
- Fluid Inlet and Outlet Quick Disconnect Valves
- Heating option of 500 Watts is standard

CRAL700DRHP Optional Features
RS485/RS232 computer communication
- Flow control (Alarm)
- Temperature alarm
- Other safety and control features available

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Primera launches Signature Cassette Printer for the lab

Primera Technology, (“Primera”), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty printing equipment, has launched its Signature Cassette Printer.

Signature Cassette Printer is designed for use in pathology and histology labs to print high-resolution text, graphics and bar codes directly onto tissue cassettes. In the past, much of this labeling has been accomplished by handwriting information with a pencil or marking pen. However, handwriting tends to be difficult to read, can be inaccurate and might even rub off during processing. In addition, the increasing use of 2D bar codes for accurate specimen identification also requires the use of a latest-generation direct-to-cassette printer.

Unlike other similar printers, Signature Cassette Printer utilizes thermal transfer ink ribbons instead of solvent inkjet or laser ablation. There are many advantages to thermal transfer inks, including:
Virtually silent while printing l No smell or smoke l Unlike laser, does not require proprietary cassettes and no fume removal system is required l No ink tanks or print heads that dry out, need maintenance and have short expiration dates l Crisp, clear text, graphics and bar codes that won’t smear or rub off during or after processing l The ability to print color on white cassettes, eliminating the need for colored cassettes l Significantly lower acquisition cost than competitive units

“Signature Cassette Printer is the final component of our complete solution for accurate and efficient specimen identification,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With Signature Slide Printer already in daily use at hundreds of facilities around the globe, labs can now install a total solution that’s all from a single vendor.”

According to Strobel: “Patient safety is at the heart of our specimen identification solution. By utilizing 2D bar codes printed directly onto the tissue cassettes and slides, specimens are precisely tracked each step of the way as they are processed.”

Two versions of the printer are available:

- SCP-M is a compact, robust printer that is small enough to fit next to the grossing station. One cassette at a time is loaded by the operator. Print speed is fast at about 6 seconds per cassette.

- SCP-R is a fully robotic system that has four separate hoppers each with 40 cassettes for a total capacity of 160 cassettes. It does not rely upon gravity to feed cassettes into the printer. Instead, a robotic arm positively picks each cassette from the top of the desired stack and places it into the printer. After printing, cassettes are deposited onto an output rack on the front of the printer. Up to 7 cassettes can be placed onto the rack at a time. With the included extension tray, output capacity is increased to 17 cassettes.

An exclusive feature of Signature Cassette Printer is that a smaller lab can start with the manual-feed SCP-M. When processing volumes increase they can add the robotics module later. The same SCP-M printer is simply placed on top of the robotics module and connected via a USB communications cable.


SCP-M is available now worldwide. SCP-R will be available in June 2014. Both are sold and supported by Primera’s authorized healthcare distributors and resellers.

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Timesco introduces Optima Neo wall mounted diagnostic sets

The Timesco Optima Neo wall mounted diagnostic set has been designed to offer the clinician a perfect diagnostic tool for ophthalmology and aural examination with the convenience of always being ready for use. Powered from mains the Optima Neo wall mounted diagnostic set is available with superb fiber optics and precision lenses in both the ophthalmoscope and otoscope for unrivaled visual examination.

The Optima Neo sets are available in EU and USA models with voltages for each. The units are supplied complete ready to use from the box, simply connect to the wall / rail, plug in and use. The EU and USA models are supplied with relevant speculums for each market.

The Optima Neo wall mounted sets are supplied with 2 each handles coupled with Optima Neo Ophthalmoscope and Neo Otoscope instruments heads. The handles are connected to the base unit with 3m coiled cables. Illumination is provided with Xenon 3.5v high light intensity bulbs which are surge protected to allow extended bulb life. The non slip handles come on automatically once removed from the cradle and off once returned. Rotating rheostats on the handles allow the variation of the intensity of the light.

A selection of set options, accessories and spare parts are available. Timesco Neo wall mounted sets conform to international standards of manufacture and safety.

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Infinium Medical – Seeking new partners in the Middle East

Infinium Medical, a manufacturer of patient monitors, is making headway into the Middle Eastern and Gulf states market a while seeking new distribution partners. Medical has installed over 2000 patient monitors in the Saudi Arabian peninsula since Q2 2013. Many monitors installed in the regions are for mid to high-acuity hospital and transport use having features such as: end-tidal Co2, Cardiac output and 12 lead ECG.

Infinium has plans to begin a major marketing campaign seeking to offer a lower acuity patient monitor – the Cleo into the Middle Easter markets. The Cleo monitor is a one of the few USA manufactured vital signs monitors suitable for multiple care areas. Offering any combination of pulse oximetery, Blood pressure, Rapid oral temperature and end-tidal C02, the customer can choose the configuration from a basic pulse oximeter with Spo2 measurement only, to a basic vital signs monitor with blood pressure and Spo2, to a more rounded vital signs monitor with Blood pressure, Spo2 and Rapid temperature. End-tidal Co2 can be added to open the Cleo up to applications in transport and sedation cases.

From a general physician’s office to an ambulance transport to the general floor of a hospital, the Cleo vital signs monitor is customizable and versatile enough to fit the vital signs measurement needs in many care areas.

To inquire about a distribution partnership or product demonstration please contact: or (1) 727-531-8434

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