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Electronic health data

While doctors in India deliver medical diagnoses via Whats App, smartphone apps are used for medical imaging, and electronic health records become the norm, information technology is being fine-tuned in every area of healthcare delivery. However, as with all digital information that must be kept private, security is key. This is no less so with digital healthcare information, where online privacy is historically protected by the Hippocratic Oath to preserve the all-important doctor-patient confidentiality. With the rapid development and adoption of numerous competing healthcare IT systems there are bound to be some failures in the protection of data. This is made clear by the global media regularly publishing stories of leaked data and hacked information systems. Read our report in healthcare information and data security on page 62.

Healthcare funding is a complex issue, but one thing is clear it is a growing financial burden on governments which try to provide affordable healthcare to a seemingly ever-expanding population. We look at what countries in the Middle East, in particular Qatar, are doing to implement a sustainable healthcare funding mechanism. Read the report on page 36.

Last year Syria experienced its most deadly year since fighting began there. It is a tragedy beyond comprehension. Healthcare has been pushed into crisis mode. It is estimated that more Syrians now die as a result of inadequate healthcare than as a direct consequence of the ongoing conflict. In our report on page 24 we look at what the WHO is doing to assist in the provision of healthcare in the war-torn country.

Researchers are testing a new stem cell treatment on multiple sclerosis patients with some showing miraculous results, such as complete recovery after 10 years of suffering from the debilitating disease. Read the report on page 73.

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Callan Emery

(May-Jun 2015)

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