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Pulse oximetry’s never been so easy and affordable

Nonin’s many years of experience in pulse oximetry innovation have led to the development of the world’s smallest self-contained digital finger pulse oximeter – the Onyx.

Incorporating the electronics and sensor into one unit, the Onyx provides a cost effective solution for spot-checks and short term monitoring.

Earning the trust of clinicians worldwide, the Onyx has provided unparalleled reliability and superior performance through its daily use – anywhere, anytime.

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Realistic training available with Cardio-Aid 200

Cardio-Aid 200, from Artema, now incorporates a training mode with simulated ECG measurements as standard.

Training costs and complexity is reduced, as an external ECG simulator is no longer required.

To assure fully realistic resuscitation training scenarios for all levels of hospital staff, Cardio-Aid 200 responds to missing cables and missing or poor patient contact exactly as if operated in regular manual or AED modes.

The trainer can easily switch between the typical heart rhythms seen during real resuscitations.

The training mode supports training in defibrillation using pads or internal / external paddles, in cardio-version, and in pacing.

Cardio-Aid 200 will simulate captured beats when the pacer settings are appropriate in either fixed or demand mode.

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Centurion is a shining light for doctors

The Centurion is a revolutionary surgery and examination light which offers the performance and features found on higher priced surgery lights.

The Centurion includes a highly efficient single reflector design, assuring an optimal shadow-free environment and the 21st Century Traditional Series’ exclusive Centra arm delivery system.

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Cathy proves to be a success both home and abroad

HMD’s Cathy IV Cannulas is one of the recent successful launches of HMD both in the domestic and international market.

With new Volex proprietary polymer, Cathy IV Cannulas is a technologically superior product in comparison to IV Cannulas with FEP/PTFE (TEFLON) catheters.

The Cathy IV Cannulas can be inserted in the vein easily without peelback (splitting of Catheter during insertion) thereby making second and third reinsertion possible without having to throw away.

It is widely known that catheter material is a key factor affecting the incidence of reddening and swelling of the skin (thrombophlebitis) at the site of cannulation after a few hours of cannulation.

Trials of Cathy IV Cannulas done at Apollo Hospital, Batra Hospital and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, have shown that the chances of thrombus generation are minimised in the case of Cathy, thereby reducing the medication cost.

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The new generation Dynapulse is smaller and lighter

The Dynapulse 5000A ambulatory blood pressure monitor is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

The new, compact DynaPulse 5000 ABP monitor looks more like a portable CD player than a medical device. Designed for comfort, the DP 5000 ABP features a stylish black holster that may be clipped to the patient’s belt or worn using the supplied shoulder strap. Velcro loops on the strap hold the air hose in place. Some patients may prefer to conceal the cuff and air hose under clothing, making the 5000 ABP even less conspicuous.

Inside, DynaPulse’s validated technology enables accurate measurements and storage of up to 100 blood pressure readings. Each measurement includes the full-disclosure arterial pressure waveform which – when displayed on your computer – helps validate the occupancy of each measurement and flag irregular heartbeats. The 5000 ABP provides both 24-hour ambulatory and automatic interval monitoring modes. Easy-to-use software assures complete patient data management, interpretation and reporting.

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Creating pulsed magnetic stimulation in the pelvic floor muscles

The PCK EIMT is a new device for the treatment of incontinence in women.

The device works extracorporeally by using pulsed magnetic stimulation in the pelvic floor muscles.

EIMT is an easy-use, non-invasive and painless piece of equipment that is used for stimulating pelvic floor muscles with a time-varying magnetic field generated.

The patient simply sits on the EIMT chair with normal daily clothes on. The created magnetic field causes contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles in each excitation period. This continued action is a good exercise to rebuild the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles to help regain bladder control.

EIMT has no side effects and is for women of all ages. The device consists of a magnetic field control unit and a treatment chair.

It is an ideal device, not only for hospitals, but also for doctors’ offices because of its easy treatment method and effective results.

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The new Goldway is far different to other imaging systems

The Goldway SLC 2000 Digital Video Colposcope Imaging System is different from traditional colposcopy, displaying the cervix and vaginal images on a large monitor screen instead of through eyepieces.

Its innovative LED light source ensures high brightness (60% higher than a halogen lamp) and a long life cycle. Its light spot subtraction technology and the unique CCD/optics design provide high definition images and improved viewing of blood vessels, showing every meticulous detail.

The REID evaluation standards are used in the image analysis software. To enhance the performance, a compact and mobile workstation is available to work with the colposcope system.

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Resting hand can meet individual patient needs

The Resting Hand Orthosis offers a functional resting hand position following a stroke, trauma or injury and can be used in the treatment of arthritis, burns and early wrist and finger contractures.

Constructed of a lightweight, durable Kydex plastic, the Resting Hand Orthosis can be heat moulded at low temperature to meet individual patient needs.

The washable Ortho-Wick liner eliminates potential pressure points while moisture is wicked away, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

Raised lateral palmar ridges of the orthosis discourage radial or ulnar deviation and reinforce the orthosis to accommodate muscle tone and spasticity.

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Foetal doppler with heart rate detection

The Danatech Harmony is a Doppler Ultrasound device with high sensitivity and superb sound quality, designed for pregnancy monitoring in the home, office and hospital for all obstetrics care professionals.

The Harmony has many uses.

It can be used for intermittent auscultation, antenatal non-stress test screening and low risk labour management.

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The lightsource combination allows use of super bright lamps

The video camera/lightsource combination, model VCL-150, with standard 150 watt Quartz Halogen lamp and colour temperature of 3500°K is perfectly cooled, allowing the use of super bright lamps in combination with a high quality, extremely affordable video colour camera in a lightweight, compact design.

There is no need for any additional power supplies. VCL-150 with standard ACMI port can accept mini-turret as shown on light-source model MT150 with ACMI, Wolf, Storz and Olympus ports.

Other ports may be installed upon request (replacing the four listed). This model is a complete system including both the light-source and the camera. It is available in any required voltage and complies with UL, CSA and CE.

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The brightest white light

The 9300XSP from Luxtec – the world’s largest supplier of surgical illumination systems – is designed to supply high-intensity white light to fiber optic cable for illumination of a surgical field or other area of examination or operation.

This product delivers over 600,000 lux of cool white IR filtered light.

The 9300XSP offers easy to use features, including a rotary CF turret, for increased patient safety, with four ports to connect virtually any style cable (headlights, instruments or endoscopes).

It also features a user control light intensity and an easy to read bulb age meter.

Luxtec also offers the 9300XDP Xenon Dual Port light source, a version of the 9300XSP with two CF turrets. This device can operate either as a single 300-watt or as a dual port at 150-watt each.
New system can meet the requirements of many

With the VIO System, ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH has introduced a new generation of electrosurgical units into the market.

The System’s hardware and software can be individually configured to meet the requirements of physicians in many different medical fields.

The System is operated by means of a high resolution interactive display.

The System’s software makes daily operations in the OR easier, offers greater safety and improves surgical results.

The System’s high degree of modularity is already apparent in its hardware: in addition to the electrosurgical generator, which serves as the master operating unit, additional OR modules can be integrated into the system cart.

The System can be expanded to include an Argon-Plasma-Coagulation unit (with two output sockets) suction units for secretion and smoke plume evacuation as well as other accessories.

The generator can be individually equipped with variable output sockets and electrosurgical functions – depending on the individual customer’s requirements.

Over and above the conventional modes for monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation, the ERBE VIO system also offers a number of newly defined functions for a wide choice of applications.

The System can be upgraded to handle new developments or changing requirements and is open for future improvements. Service and maintenance are made easier by the modular structure and concept of the VIO system.

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Occult blood test has many advantages

The one-step fecal occult blood test is a rapid one-step lateral flow in vitro diagnostic test for the early detection of colorectal cancer and GI tract bleeding. It is available in cassette or dip strip format.

It is sensitive – 50ng/ml buffer or 50 ng/g fresh fecal sample – and simple to use.

It is also fast. Results are gained in five to ten minutes, while strong positive results may be observed after as soon as two minutes.

It is also extremely reliable with more than a 98 per cent accuracy rate recorded in laboratory tests.

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Pulse oximeter that will fit in your pocket

The Model 100 Mini Pulse Oximeter from Palco Labs offers the utmost in convenience and portability.

It fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and slips easily into a pocket.

It is also very dependable as it operates from a single AAA battery.

The oximeter has limitless monitoring options. You can choose an Integral Finger Sensor, or for special applications, a Cable Adapter connecting to a variety of Palco Labs paediatric and adult pulse oximetry sensors.

A snap-in sensor increases the life span of the Model 100 and reduces replacement costs.

Digital Signal Processing technology with signal filtering and complex noise analysis increases accuracy while decreasing measurement errors.

White Mountain

White Mountain Imaging is the designer, manufacturer and distributor of the first two-part liquid x-ray developer.

Other liquid x-ray developers contain hazardous components, produce strong fumes and unpleasant odors.

T2 Developer’s unique two-part formulation is non-corrosive and non-hazardous, making it safer to use, manufacture and transport. T2 Developer provides quality and consistency while maintaining environmental and health conscious qualities to the user.

White Mountain Imaging also designed and manufactures the IS-199 chemical mixer for use in the developing of x-ray films. The IS-199 is the first mixer toutilise Specific Gravity control and straightforward direct circuitry.

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ProComp opens a new world of possibilities

The ProComp with BioGraph version 2.0 Windows software is a new generation physiological monitoring system.

ProComp with BioGraph version 2.0 software opens a new world of training possibilities for clinicians, therapists, ergonomists and researchers.

Using simple commands, a health practitioner can design and implement dynamic, real-time protocols which can be individualised for each patient. The BioGraph software lets clinicians make full use of their creativity, with the freedom and full range of windows multimedia and graphic capabilities.

A waterfall, a happy face, a clock or traditional bargraphs and polygraphs can be chosen by the clinician for each patient. The ability to import graphics, animation and morphed imagery opens a new
dimension of bio-feedback display, and allows absolute customisation of patient protocols.

ProComp with BioGraph is the state of the art in physiologic monitoring technology. It has eight accurate channels. Modalities include EMG, EEG, EKG, Temperature, Skin Conductance, Heart Rate /Blood Volume Pulse and Respiration. Clinicians can work with one modality or combine any number simultaneously. ProComp with BioGraph can be used for a diversity of clinical applications, including relaxation, muscle re-education and continence training.

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Students will benefit from the Rhythm

Armstrong Medical offers RhythmSIM Basic and Advanced Patient Simulators for practice in ACLS and PALS training where students learn cardiac rhythms in real time.

RhythmSIM offers more than 60 simulated rhythms. Upgrade modules are also available.

RhythmSIM can use a standard ECG monitor and simulates between one and 12 leads while operating on both AC and DC power. RhythmSIM is fully portable with up to 20 hours of battery power and also features a low-battery indicator.

RhythmSIM can be used in conjunction with many defib manikins and creates a new “patient” scenario during students’ responses.

Armstrong offers an optional TV interface displaying rhythms on a standard TV, ideal for teaching large groups. The TV Interface features zoom control, freeze control, cursors for measuring wave forms and multiple display formats.

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The easy and comfortable way to wash your hair

The Shampoo Rinse Tray attaches to wheelchair handles with screw operated clamps to allow for easy shampooing, ear irrigation or scalp treatment of a person in a wheelchair.

The tray can be adjusted to any angle comfortable for both the user and attendant. A curved neck rest provides a comfortable support and positions the head directly over the tray. Raised edges along the outside of the tray channel water into the sink to keep the floor dry.

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Flexbar is your flexible friend

The Thera-Band Flexbar is a lightweight and portable exerciser that improves grip strength and upper extremity strength.

It allows oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training and provides soft tissue and joint mobilisation.

It can be used in occupational therapy, physical therapy, sport and fitness and has three colour-coded levels of resistance.

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QRS Diagnostic receives CE Mark on Spirometer

QRS Diagnostic, LLC has received CE Marking for its popular Sensaire Pocket Spirometer.

The CE Mark will allow QRS to distribute the Sensaire to sites throughout Europe.

Weighing less than 13 ounces, Sensaire is a portable, full-function spirometer capable of performing complete lung function testing.

The pocket spirometer is designed for mobile healthcare practitioners, including physicians, nurses, hospital technicians and occupational health personnel. Sensaire is capable of diagnosing several respiratory diseases including COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and asthma.

QRS has also announced the release of new versions of the Sensaire Pocket Spirometer and Sensaire PC Print Software.

Sensaire version 1.2 includes several new features, which enhance ease-of-use and add functionality.

The new version of the spirometer also expands printing capabilities, allowing users to print directly to most Hewlett Packard(R) printers.

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