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COVER STORY - Sugar Snap
A dramatic rise in the prevalence of type-two diabetes in the Middle East needs to be addressed promptly before its
complications cause untold misery and soaring health costs.
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The height of health
Switzerland boasts clean alpine air and stunning mountain scenery. Its citizens can rely on some of the highest health-care standards in the world.
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Wooing with the web
The pharmaceutical giants are turning to the web to create the megabrands of the future. But are their main targets - the doctors who prescribe — convinced? Sarah Monaghan reports.
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Intensivist intervention
Patients undergoing high-risk surgery may be up to three times more likely to survive if their hospital’s intensive care unit is staffed by ‘intensivists’ or physicians specially trained in critical care. Sarah Monaghan reports.
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American Hospital Dubai endorsed
Cabin crew campaign
Vitamin success
Shortage of nationals
New medical university
Saudi AIDS
Omani health online
Medical tourism
Health e-projects

Breakthrough stem cell treatment success
Smoking vaccine closer
Fresh SARS outbreak?
Merchants of death
Lethal betel-nut chewing
Painful painkillers
MRI Nobel laureates
Reeve is feted
Cannabis prescribed
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