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WHO chief warns region to prepare for flu pandemic
(Avian influenza – H5N1)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a stern warning to all countries to prepare in advance for an epidemic of the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus.
 Health ministers hold key talks
The WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee has called on member states to prioritise the establishment of specialised units and national surveillance systems for noncommunicable diseases, among other key issues. Reports from the committee’s 52nd session in Cairo.

The burden of over population (Country Profile - Egypt)
Despite a well-established healthcare infrastructure, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population is struggling to provide equitable healthcare to all its people. Callan Emery reports.
Inhaling your daily insulin
In a move that has massive implications for diabetics worldwide, the FDA has been advised to approve Exubera, a revolutionary powdered insulin that is administered by oral inhalation. Callan Emery reports.
Islamic physicians in history
Al-Nafis challenged conventional thinking
Syrian Ibn Al-Nafis became famous as a physician, author and original thinker, who challenged accepted medical beliefs and advanced medical science with his contributions.

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