Nov-Dec 2005

True colour light by integrated colour correction filter

The halux Star is equipped with an integrated colour correction filter. Due to that filter, the halux Star reaches a colour temperature of 4000 K. Skin features are easier to detect and accurate treatments and examinations easier to perform in the intense true colour light. With its 50 W / 12 V / 10° cold light reflector lamp, the halux Star produces an intense light of 40’000 Lux at 0.5 metre.

The dual-wall casing reduces heat generation in the operating range and on the body of the lamp to a minimum. This ensures optimum working conditions for users. The spring-balanced articulated arm means that the halux Star couldn’t be easier to set in position. Furthermore, the enclosed cabling makes the unit easy to clean and care for.

As the lamp can be wallmounted, set on a table, fixed to a rail or mounted on a roller stand, it is ideal for use in any type of room. The electronic safety transformer with current and temperature protection 230/12 V provides the basis for long-term error-free lamp operation.

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Rotation resectoscope

This recently developed rotation resectoscope is a new product system by Richard Wolf. More than 50 years of experience in developing medial high-tech products and product systems are demonstrated in this new rotation resectoscope. The ability of different components to rotate 360° during continuous and intermittent irrigation through shafts is a special feature that facilitates easy and economical use. The fine shaft contour introduces a special novelty. It reduces friction inside the urethra, thus minimising trauma to a great extent. The gel used is embedded in the fine shaft contour.

Linking still, video images to DICOM

With the recent launch of the new BZMD-1 DICOM Capture Station, Sony has filled in a vital piece of the jigsaw, allowing hospitals to link still images and video with the rest of their DICOM networks. The BZMD-1 can capture images from endoscopes and microscopes in the operating theatre, while the surgeon can add a live audio commentary at the same time via a microphone.

Captured images can then be stored on a DICOM server, printed or burned to CD or DVD for distribution. The new Capture Station is a highly strategic product introduction in Sony’s drive to bring true High Definition (HD) imaging to medicine.

Compatible with the latest generation of ‘cutting edge’ High Definition surgical cameras, the BZMD-1 can capture HD still images – and in the future will be able to record HD video as well. Containing more than four times as much information as a Standard Definition picture, HD pictures give surgeons a vastly clearer, more detailed view of what’s going on in complex medical procedures.

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Bone mineral density analysis

New clinical software for bone mineral density (BMD) analysis is now available from Cardinal Health. BMD is the fundamental criteria used to diagnose osteoporosis, a major women’s health issue. The PC/QCT Bone Mineral Density Software can be applied to a CT spine exam for evaluation of bone density in as little as five minutes.

In addition, applying the BMD software analysis to any spine or abdominal CT exam provides diagnostic value for improved patient care. The versatile, automated software eliminates the need for external phantoms because it references internal tissues.

This distinguishes it from other available methods and greatly reduces the time associated with procedure setup, cutting exam time by up to 50%, say Cardinal.

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Interpretive ECG Machine

Chinese company CMICS Medical Instrument introduces the ECG-1220: 12 Channel Interpretive ECG Machine

- 6/7/12 channel print out format on A4 paper
- Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition
- Real time display of 12 lead ECG trace by 1 frame
- ECG measurement and interpretation
- USB interface and optional software supporting data communication with PC
- AC/Built in rechargeable battery

CMICS Medical Instrument Company is a leading developer, manufacturer and exporter of electrocardiography instruments in China. The company has 20 years’ experience in exporting medical products, such as the Dongjiang brand ECG machine, to more than 60 countries and winning worldwide tenders.

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Constant force monitor arm

Building on the success of the LX Desk Mount Arm in Europe, the LX Wall Mount arm is a logical expansion of the Ergotron LX series of LCD monitor arms.

It incorporates the same unique ‘Constant Force’ lift and pivot technology as the desk mount version and extends the application of the LX series to office, industrial and healthcare environments that require flat screens and LCD TV’s to be wall mounted. The LX Series Arm is the first monitor arm in the world to employ Ergotron’s ‘Constant Force’ technology to provide a full 33 cm vertical adjustment range, 61 cm depth adjustment range, 360° side-to-side range, 180° right/left swivel and portrait/landscape rotation for optimal ergonomic viewing conditions under all circumstances.

Using the smart four bar linkage feature, the monitor stays under the same angle throughout the full range of vertical motion. Furthermore, thanks to the unique weight adjustability feature of the CF-technology, the LX arm is able to hold monitors weighing from 2.3 kg up to 9.1 kg, while maintaining effortless height adjustment for every type of monitor. “The breakthrough design of CF leapfrogs over conventional gas spring technology commonly used today, at a fraction of the cost,” says Pete Segar, Ergotron’s CTO.

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Easier on the eye

A patented expanded-pupil eyepiece makes prolonged use of DX40 laboratory microscope much easier on the user, according to Vision Biomed.

Specially designed for intensive use in biomedical laboratory applications, the DX40 allows users to expand the optical exit of the eyepieces, dramatically reducing eyestrain and greatly increasing the degree of head position freedom, without discomfort or loss of efficiency. The DX40 is a high magnification routine microscope ideal for pathology, cytology and screening applications.

In addition to the wide-angle, expanded-pupil optical head, the design includes corrected planachromatic objective lenses, Kohler illuminator, swing out condenser and a rotateable graduated mechanical stage. The DX40 can also be used with camera attachments, allowing for digital and 35mm SLR pictures to be captured.

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Training aid develops skills for needle placement

A new training aid has been introduced to aid the teaching of proper fluoroscopic needle placement techniques. The Kohram Injection Phantom (KIP) from Cardinal Health helps develop skills essential to proper needle placement for a variety of interventional techniques.

Needle placement for caudals, epidurals and selective nerve and root blocks can all be demonstrated. Practice of fluoroscopically guided needle placement along with disc needle placement plus injection techniques for shoulder, hip and symphysis pubis can all be performed in the convenience of a teaching facility.

“Our new KIP phantom will be of particular interest to pain management (anaesthesiologists), orthopaedic medicine and interventional radiology practices,” said Gary Kaufman, diagnostic product line manager for Cardinal Health. “When not in use as a training phantom, it doubles as a QA phantom to evaluate fluoroscopic imaging systems.”

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New software for displays

New software for checking the stability and setting the parameters of medical displays has been introduced by Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D). All grey-scale displays will now be supplied with the SMfit ACT Basics software for simple quality control of picture reproduction.

The software is also suitable for the Siemens medical colour displays and is available as a free download at luminance of a display can also be modified with the new software without the need for recalibration. The remote monitoring software SMfit ACT Remote has been expanded with, for example, functions for monitoring maintenance schedules.

Patient identification made easier

Patient identification and triage status during a radiological emergency has been made easier. Statband Triage Tags from Fluke Biomedical are durable tags that include pre-coded patient and triage status labels, symbols and a writable information surface.

The streamlined layout allows first responders to provide timely triage care to those who need it most. “Statband Triage Tags, together with our Victoreen ASM-990BC with barcode, provide the medical professional with the most complete view of patients’ radiation exposure during a radiological incident,” said Jim Prout, radiation safety sales manager, Fluke Biomedical.

“Our ASM-990BC is capable of scanning up to 500 patients and logging their dosage while time and date stamping the readings. This means that critical radiation exposure information is readily available to the healthcare professional upon arrival at the hospital.”

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Stability trainers help patients regain balance

Thera-Band has added to its balance product range with the introduction of the Extra Soft Stability Trainer. Air-filled to provide multiple direction displacement and made of durable PVC, the new trainer offers users a greater challenge than its sister products – the firm (green) and soft (blue) foam pad stability trainers.

The Extra Soft Stability Trainer’s heavy gauge side walls resist the tendency to roll the ankle during exercise. It also offers two options for use: one surface with rounded points providing tactile inputs for sensorimotor training while the opposite surface has anti-skid bars.

Measuring 44.5cm x 25.7cm x 6.3cm the new oval Stability Trainer can be used by healthcare professionals for balance and proprioception training with patients who have suffered ankle or knee injuries, core strength and stability training, ankle range of motion and flexibility training and sensorimotor training.

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Wireless transmitters

The RF6 T from Jules Richard Instruments is a wireless transmitter based on radio frequency technology. Specially adapted for the medical sector including laboratories, research, process, among others, it communicates with the software without being physically connected to the PC serving as a recording device.

Easy to use, the transmitter was developed to remotely measure temperature and humidity, as well as opening doors or numbering. Its installation is less complicated and less expensive than a traditional transmitter with wire, say Jules Richard Instruments. The software RF Mesure enables the user to easily manage the RF6 T transmitter’s network and to supervise the whole installation at a glance.

The software polls the RF6 T transmitters regularly and displays all the measurement points in the form of a dashboard. The RF Mesure also supervises the alarms in many ways such as blinking the channel in alarm, remote alarm by current carrier, e-mail or sms.

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