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Influenza - The cure we’ve been waiting for
If all goes according to plan, in about three years we may be able to simply spray an aerosol up our noses and never again be affected by the dreaded flu. That means no more runny noses, headaches, sore throat, muscle pains and all the well-known and much loathed symptoms of a bout of influenza, a cure for which has remained so terribly illusive.
News Features, United in health, WHO EMR 53rd Session
Ministers of health from the Eastern Mediterranean Region gathered in Isfahan, Iran, from 9-12 September for the 53rd Session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean. Reporting from Isfahan, Callan Emery provides an overview of this important annual meeting.

Obesity - Too young to die
The unprecedented growth in the prevalence of childhood obesity is set to place a heavy burden on the health budgets of many countries and send countless children to the grave before their parents if urgent action by governments and the private sector is not taken. Callan Emery reports.
Hospital design - Special delivery anywhere – the modular hospital
Innovative modular architectural design has many advantages, among them cost efficiency, customisation and speedy construction. Callan Emery spoke to Keith Smith, the chairman of MGI SI Gulf, a new Dubai-based provider of fast-track healthcare facilities in the region, about their novel product. 
Ophthalmology - Syria in sight for Flying Eye Hospital
The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is scheduled to make a second operational visit to the Middle East in a mission to bring its prevention of avoidable blindness campaign to Syria.
Beyond borders - Saving lives with milk paste!
An enriched, ready-to-eat milk paste is revolutionising the treatment of acute malnutrition. Tens of millions of children in poor countries under the age of 5 suffer from this illness, and several million die from it each year for lack of effective treatment – but today it is possible to prevent a large number of these deaths.

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