A cure for flu

In addition to our usual focus on innovative medical goods and services, this packed issue of MEH brings you details of breakthroughs in research and development. After 20 years of painstaking research, it appears that Professor Nigel Dimmock and his team at the University of Warwick in England are on the threshold of developing a cure for one of the most insidious of diseases – influenza. If clinical trials go well, and he is confident they will, we can expect to have a nasal spray in about three years that will permanently knockout any strain of influenza type A, including the dreaded H5N1 or any mutated form of it. Page 32 has the story.

Obesity is the scourge of the new century, and experts are warning that if governments and the private sector don’t act now – together – to prevent it, the consequences in a few years time will be tragic and costly. Of particular concern is the rapid growth in the number of obese children in affluent countries worldwide, many of who are, shockingly, going to die before their parents. See page 50.

Apart from the usual features, news and reviews, including updates on the healthcare situation in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, there is also an interesting profile on healthcare in Germany as well as an interview with the head of the Turkish Medical Manufacturers Association.

And finally, among other recent industry events, we attended an intriguing WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region annual meeting in Isfahan, Iran and bring you all the key debates and resolutions in a report on page 36. Happy reading – and do keep letting us know what you think.

Brian Wilkie

(Nov-Dec 2006)



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