Nov-Dec 2006

Display cart handles large screens with ease

Ergotron, the worldwide leader in computer and digital display mounting equipment, launched the LX Large Display Cart. This one-of-a-kind height adjustable solution provides the versatility to move the display to the audience, transforming any space into a media center.

The LX Cart is the first cart that actually enables height adjustment of large screens up to 60kg, with just one hand, without using any levers or knobs to keep the screen at the desired height. Comparable with more expensive and complex ceiling projectors, the LX Cart can easily be put away when the need for presentation is over.

This ergonomic, mobile solution is the perfect accessory for videoconferencing, conference rooms, lobbies, offices and other digital signage applications. True to Ergotron’s mission to improve the human interface with digital display technology, the LX Large Display Cart offers 51cm of effortless height adjustability and integrated tilt capability thanks to the patented CF (Constant Force) technology, making it ergonomically appropriate for standing or seated audiences, even when sitting on the floor.

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New Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing

3M’s newest member of the Tegaderm family is “3M Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing”. It is indicated for:
- Pressure ulcers
- Skin tears
- Abrasions and superficial wounds
- Donor sites
- Abrasions and superficial partial thickness burns
- Low to moderately exuding wounds

Transparent and absorbent, it offers better fluid management and wear time than the leading hydrocolloid dressing. Key features include: Transparent film allows oxygen in and moisture vapour out. It seals in natural wound fluid to enhance the healing process. It allows clinicians to monitor the wound site without removing the dressing, which can lead to longer wear time, fewer dressing changes and cost savings

A moist skin adhesive which provides secure, gentle adhesion and is easy and comfortable to remove. The durable adhesive allows for longer wear time.

Dotmed make finding parts at the best price easy – the leading public-access medical equipment marketplace – has introduced an interactive tool for medical parts buyers and sellers: The Parts Hunter.

Now a parts buyer, by filling out a simple online Parts Request form, will have that part request instantly sent to multiple sellers – in some cases, to dozen, even hundreds of sellers. The sellers then can each post a price quote for that part, and the buyer sees all the quotes online.

The Parts Hunter will be free-of-charge to use for the first 12 months. With more than 11,000 unique visitors a day coming to, and more than 71,000 registered users, it is expected the Parts Hunter will generate a great deal of Parts Requests every day. Anyone can register for free on and get full access to the Parts Hunter and the rest of the site. Visit:

Siemens launches world’s first biplane flat detector system with magnetic navigation

Siemens as introduced the Axiom Artis dBC Magnetic Navigation system. It is the world’s first biplane flat detector system with an integrated magnetic navigation system. The combination of these two technologies in one system merges both the advantages of magnetic assisted interventions (MAI) with the well-established technology of digital flat detectors in both planes. System highlights include:

- Wide application spectrum from interventional cardiac applications, such as adult and paediatric catheterization procedures, to electrophysiology (EP)

- Complete generator and imaging system operation via colour touch screen at the patient tableside

- Time and dose reduction through MAI in extremely complex and lengthy procedures

- New tilting magnets that provide greater angulations for better image visualisation during MAI

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Shining a new light on spatial experience

Light is taking on greater meaning in the medical industry. The right light transmits a feeling of safety and security; it allows you to intensively sense the architecture, and creates spatial experiences.

Under the central theme of “Smart Heads”, we are proud to present exciting innovations from Derungs Licht AG and Herbert Waldmann at our joint stand (Derungs/Waldmann) at this year’s Medica fair in Germany from 15-18 November. Why “Smart Heads” as central theme? Smart Heads are innovative – Smart Heads address critical customer requirements on an individual basis – Smart Heads are not just a product show, but offer pioneering total solutions – lighting solutions!

Experience light...

Experience light in realistic settings. Come in and “experience” the light! Visit the consulting room, the examination area, pass through our “Lighting Experience” corridor, look in on our care room or pause in our “Light Therapy Room”.

New Dlite vanera – the simple elegance of light

We are particularly delighted to be able to present to you the new Dlite vanera for bedrooms and corridor lights. An ingenious light direction system ensures optimum light distribution, minimal shadow formation, minimal reflections and good glare limitation. The modular construction of the lights in terms of lighting technology and design enables us to follow your particular wishes individually. The Dlite vanera brings spaces to life, and imparts a pleasant and cosy room atmosphere. There is much more to these lights than meets the eye! Prepare to be surprised!

We look forward to your visit. MEDICA - hall 11 / booth B26 – 15-18 November 2006

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Tracoe’s tracheostomy tubes

Germany-based Tracoe medical, which specialises in the development and manufacturing of tracheostomy tubes and related respiratory care products, has launched a new generation of tracheostomy tubes for all clinical standard applications.

Its four tube types (cuffed, uncuffed, cuffed fenestrated, uncuffed fenestrated) are available in 11 sizes ranging from size 5 to 10 in half-millimetre increments across the entire range. The new tube features genuine Tracoe features like the multiple fenestration pattern for atraumatic suctioning.

Its perforated obturator allows safe insertion into the trachea via a guide wire and the rotating 15mm connector reduces torque and tension by peripheral respiratory equipment. All tubes are designed for single patient use rather than for single use to help cutting costs.

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Philips showcases Proscribe

Philips recently showcased, at World of Health IT 2006 in Geneva, the tougher and more rugged ProScribe wireless thin-client display, which enables physicians and nurses to access patient data immediately, wherever they are in the hospital.

Using the innovative cordless display, healthcare providers can connect more quickly and efficiently to information, allowing them to focus on the needs of the patient. Physicians visiting patients on the ward can use ProScribe to prescribe medication or make laboratory appointments on the spot. Nurses typically use the display to enter blood pressure, temperature and other relevant data into an electronic patient record at the patient’s bedside.

The solution enables healthcare providers to take full advantage of their server-based computing architecture, where EMR, PACS and other patient files and applications are stored centrally. With its 12.1” LCD XGA touch screen, display emulated keyboard and integrated wireless LAN driver, the display can be operated without any other external devices. Server access is provided by one of three pre-installed thin clients; Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP or Internet Explorer.

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Intersurgical launches new range of PEEP valves

Intersurgical has launched a full range of C-PEEP fixed value valves, CPAP breathing systems, twinport masks and harnesses for use in continuous positive airway pressure. These new products complement the company’s comprehensive range of respiratory products.

C-PEEP valves

This new range includes seven PEEP valves ranging from 2.5cm to 20cm H2O. Each valve is colour coded. The valve bodies are transparent, showing the internal components, allowing monitoring of patient breath rate and for blockage assessment. There are two types available: one for flow drivers requiring an external safety valve, and the other for flow drivers with a built in safety valve reducing unwanted components.

CPAP mask and harness

The Intersurgical twin-port CPAP mask offers a comfortable interface to the patient and is available in two sizes small and medium/large adult. The soft anatomically shaped cushion will comfortably fit a wide range of patient faces. Visit Intersurgical at Arab Health – UK Pavilion, in Dubai, in January 2007.

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Medison’s Accuvix XQ gets a face-lift

Medison’s premium ultrasound system Accuvix XQ has been upgraded and rereleased as Prestige07. Since its birth in 2003, Accuvix XQ has been continuously improved through steady advancement and incorporation of state-of-the-art technology.

Prestige07 is being touted as a next-generation ultrasound diagnostic system with its Spatial Compound Imaging for 2D image enhancement; its 3D Compound Imaging, which dramatically improves image quality of C-plane; and 3D Auto- Contour, which sets new standards for precision and convenient diagnosis.

The system also has advanced probe functionalities, such as 129,024 channels, Clip Cine Store and an user-friendly interface.

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New portable respirator cuts airborne epidemics

Next Safety has introduced the next generation in Personal Protection Respirators. The company’s positive-pressure mask, integrated with nano-engineered filtering and ultraviolet lighting technologies, brings highly effective respirators to the global marketplace not only for pandemic protection but also for everyday use by asthmatics.

Next Safety’s respirator delivers ultra clean, uncontaminated air to the user and will provide an application for the pulmonary delivery of pharmaceuticals and medicine. This innovative respirator system allows for outside air to continuously be drawn into a base unit worn on a belt or in a backpack that includes a low-power air blower powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The air passes through a proprietary Next Safety ultra low penetration disposable filter and is then fed through a disposable hose to the positive-pressure face mask. Contaminants and unfiltered external air remain outside as a result of the positive air pressure maintained by the mask. Revolutionary filters used in Next Safety’s Personal Respirators trap airborne particles as small as 25 nanometers.

Since most biological pathogens, including those for the avian influenza virus, known as H5N1, are in the 100 nanometer range, these infectious pathogens are removed from the air breathed through the respirator which may help eliminate the spread of a pandemic.

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New OR light with built-in cam

Dräger Medical has unveiled its space-saving Stella OR light with the integrated camera. Dräger says with this device there is no need for an additional extension arm to suspend an external camera.

The camera module is flexible and can be interexchanged within other operating rooms. In the future, existing Stella Medview OR lights can be retrofitted to accommodate this module. The integrated camera remains pinpointed on the operating field and has an auto focus.

The camera can be controlled via an infrared remote control or from a control panel located on the wall in the non-sterile area. The camera can transmit both fixed and moving images live. For more information visit:

Device analyses equipment safety

The Rigel 277 electromedical equipment safety analyser, developed by Rigel Medical, incorporates new technology with significant benefits for test engineers, service firms and contractors involved in the electrical safety testing of electromedical equipment in hospitals.

The innovative new Braincell concept introduced by Rigel Medical uses ‘smart’ RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) data tags that remain attached to medical equipment to provide fast and efficient storage of test information.

The Rigel 277 extends the concept of traditional bar code test systems. While most bar codes primarily contain a single ID number, Braincell smart tags have a much larger data storage capacity. As a result, all product information including asset ID, test class, site and location, previous test date, test engineer, Applied Part configuration and a 4-line comment field can all be recorded and remain permanently with the item.

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