Sep-Oct 2007

Stand-alone multimedia display dedicated to assisting surgeons in OR

Dedicated to help the surgeon during surgery with up to date patient data, the SurgiMedia is able to display simultaneously DICOM images retrieved from the radiology department or directly from the PACS and intra-operative videos taken from any source (endoscope, microscope, operating light camera, etc).

This stand-alone device enables post-operative backup through removable media (USB key, CD, etc) or hospital network and is user friendly thanks to easily recognisable icons on a touch screen.

The system also combines a CD/DVD burner, overlay feature and several options for transmitting the displayed data to another OR.

The system is adaptable to any configuration and available in a broad range of display sizes. It is fully CE certified.

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Innovative wheelchair cushion improves blood flow

A therapeutic wheelchair cushion capable of vastly enhancing long term seated comfort by improving blood flow efficiency and reducing the risk of blood pooling in the lower limbs was showcased at Rehacare 2007 in Germany in October.

Rehacare is the world’s leading exhibition for rehabilitation and assistive technology. The MouleTec Medical therapeutic cushion sets reduce seated pressure on the occupant to greatly improve both blood flow volume and venous blood flow velocity and efficiency.

The design concept is based on a combination of a patented geometric anatomically shaped seat design and multi-density foam technology; improving the level of occupant support and more evenly distributing weight across the cushion.

This dramatically reduces pressure over the ischial areas and relieves pressure on the arterial, venous and nervous system. Designed to fit most popular sizes of wheelchairs, the cushion has a dartex cover; which is hygienic, water resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and machine and hand-washable.

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Swann-Morton deliver top quality surgical blades

Every day, surgeons throughout the world apply their skills in performing critical and highly delicate operations and so demand the highest quality, most reliable surgical blades available.

Swann–Morton, founded and based in Sheffield, are the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of surgical blades, scalpels and handles to the health industry. This reputation has been gained through their total commitment to precision excellence and stringent quality control.

Every blade undergoes meticulous laboratory and production checks before being inspected, manually, under controlled lighting conditions, by a member of Swann-Morton’s own intensely trained and highly skilled inspection team.

This attention to detail allows surgeons GPs, nurses and paramedics, as well as dentists, chiropodist and vets to carry out their work, having total confidence in the blades with which they are working.

A new scalpel – retractable, to improve handling safety, and disposable, to eliminate the chance of cross infection – has recently been launched, along with a blade remover tool and unit for the safer handling of blades

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New power protection solution launched

Tripp Lite, a leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, has launched a medical grade Mobile Power Retrofit Kit power protection solution.

The Mobile Power Retrofit Kit is the newest addition to Tripp Lite's wide range of healthcare products designed to protect valuable patient data from being lost or corrupted.

It features an Isolation Transformer- Internal, which provides UL 60601-1 compliance by managing current leakage, and is also equipped with the PowerAlert Data-Saving Software, which automatically saves open patient data files and safely closes applications if battery is depleted or utility power is disconnected while the cart is unattended.

Additionally, a USB port connects the power supply to any cartmounted laptop or desktop. Other features of the Retrofit Kit include the User- Replaceable Battery Module and Automatic Transfer Switch-Internal (ATS).

The battery module supplies power for as long as needed between charges (up to 12 hours in standard configuration), and automatically recharges when power supply is connected to a wall outlet. It is also maintenance- free, spill-proof, leakproof and has a simple plugin connection with accompanying cable.

The ATS works automatically, whether plugged in or mobile and allows the power supply to simultaneously run connected equipment while recharging the battery module.

Tripp Lite has been a leading provider of power solutions for 10 years in the Middle East. The US-based company has ISO 9001 and SASO & Bureau Veritas certifications.

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New LIMS drastically reduces cost of development and manufacturing

Applied Biosystems has launched the SQL*LIMS Plug and Play Pharma Package, a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help pharmaceutical companies maintain regulatory compliance and decrease the cost of managing manufacturing operations.

The pre-configured and validated LIMS has been shown to reduce costs by up to 85% and to reduce deployment time by as much as 75%.

The SQL*LIMS Plug and Play Pharma Package has been designed as a complete system that integrates critical functions for drug manufacturing operations with computer hardware and an Oracle database for distribution across an enterprise.

Its pre-configured functionality allows system administrators to easily activate user definitions, security parameters, reporting templates and testing methods issued by national and international regulatory bodies. The LIMS incorporates industry best practices and meets regulatory requirements.

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Cholesterol – the good, the bad and the ugly

HDL (the good), LDL (the bad) and sdLDL (the ugly) cholesterol tests are available from UK-based Randox Laboratories as direct clearance methods for fully automated clinical chemistry analysers.

All assays are highly accurate in abnormal samples and are standardised against ultracentrifugation, the CDC reference method. Total cholesterol, triglycerides and apolipoproteins are also available; high quality calibrators and controls complete the Randox range of lipid profile tests.

Randox is an international diagnostics company, headquartered in the UK. Randox develop, manufacture and market clinical diagnostic products worldwide.

Randox offers over 1,000 clinical chemistry products that are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Core products are: Biochip Array Technology; clinical chemistry analysers and reagents; quality controls and EQA; environmental diagnostics; recombinant proteins and antibodies.


Ultrasound helps determine status of coronary vessels

Siemens has introduced the syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP) which determines the vascular age, that is, the advance of atherosclerotic burden and displays it to the patient.

This ultrasound package will assist the physician in knowing the risk a patient faces with regards coronary heart disease and thus enable the doctor to develop an appropriate prevention and therapy plan.

The new ultrasound application provides a measurement of the intima media thickness of the carotid – the innermost layer of the carotid vessel wall. An abnormal widening of the intima media is considered evidence of threatening or already existing arteriosclerosis.

In addition, syngo AHP takes into account the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) database to determine the risk index from the Framingham Heart Study using the relative vascular age rather than the chronological age of the patient.

To date, cardiologists use the Framingham risk factors for cardiovascular risk determination. However, the combination of vascular age, Framingham factors and ARIC data allows a more accurate determination of the risk of heart attack or stroke for up to 60% of patients.

Syngo AHP is available on the ultrasound systems ACUSON Sequoia C512, Antares, X500 , X300 and CV 70 from Siemens. Recently, it became also available offline on the syngo Ultrasound workplace.

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CLIA technology first

Last year, Awareness Technology introduced LumiStat, the first micro strip luminometer for glowtype Chemi Luminescent Immuno Assays (CLIA).

CLIA technology offers increased range and sensitivity. The economical LumiStat enables any size lab to utilise the advantages of CLIA technology in microstrip format. LumiStat reads breakapart wells up to 12 wells per strip, 3 strips at a time, and calculates results instantly and automatically.

LumiStat is an open system, allowing users to programme a wide variety of glow-type CLIAs. Test names and parameters are stored in a large on-board memory for easy recall. New for 2007 is ChroMate, a compact 8- channel microplate reader.

Its streamlined design with minimal footprint offers superb optics to fit any size lab bench. ChroMate and your PC team up to provide rapid reading capability, and full access to high level software, reporting, curve fitting, and data storage to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.

ChroMate and its software (with built-in QC tracking) come ready to "plug and play" with your PC.

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