Statin therapy

Statins are taken regularly by millions of people around the world to keep their Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol in check and prevent coronary artery disease, but it appears from an analysis of global surveys that patients with type 2 diabetes or suffering from metabolic syndrome who are taking statins remain at high risk of coronary artery disease. This issue was highlighted at the recent European Society of Cardiology Congress along with an urgent call to reassess the management of lipids to prevent coronary artery disease. Read about this pertinent issue on page 40.

The University Hospital (UH) in Dubai Healthcare City is nearing completion. Partners Harvard Medical International (PHMI) has been instrumental in planning and designing the hospital. But as Andrew Jeon MD, the President and CEO of PHMI, says: This is not just merely putting together another building ... this is the difficult work of institution building. Christopher Railey from PHMI looks at this complex process on page 42.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded to three US scientists this year for their work in cellular ageing. We provide a detailed account of their work and explain why it has proven so important to modern medicine (page 34).

Co-infection with pandemic Influenza H1N1 is becoming an increasingly worrying phenomenon which raises the possibility of significantly increasing the mortality rate from the infection. We look at a report issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which warns that bacterial lung infections are occurring among fatal cases of patients with H1N1.

There are several other interesting features in this issue. We look at the French and British medical industries and their increasing focus on the Middle East as a robust export market. We also look at socalled ‘e-infrastructures’ which is enhancing medical research collaboration across borders in Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

And, as usual, you will find a comprehensive round-up of medical news and reviews.

Good health.

Brian Wilkie

(Nov-Dec 2009)



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