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The recent UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals ended on a positive note as member countries agreed to step up action to meet the anti-poverty, disease reduction and healthcare goals by 2015. It has been 10 years since they were initiated and the Summit came at a good time, just when it appeared that motivation to achieve the goals was lagging due to the global economic recession. The Summit has now reinvigorated the impetus to achieve the MDGs, not least with the injection of $40 billion pledged over the next five years specifically to accelerate initiatives to improve the health of woman and children. Read more about this important issue on page 28.

Middle East Health reporters, who as you know travel regularly in the region, visited Turkey in September to look into the country’s health tourism business, and were pleasantly surprised to find a relatively well-developed health tourism infrastructure at select hospitals. These hospitals have state-of-the-art equipment, well trained staff and specialised departments for international patient services. It is early days yet, but Turkey looks set to give some of the more established health tourism markets a run for their money. Find the report on page 40.

One of many fascinating new developments covered this month is Berchtold’s ORICS, their Operating Room Information and Communication System. It enables audio-video transmission of surgical procedures to be viewed live in the OR and around the world, while simultaneously allowing colleagues to comment and offer advice or instructions to the team in the OR. Details on page 62. Also in this section we look at an interesting phenomenon where some doctors are claiming that the internet is interfering with their doctor-patient relationship. They say that health information on the internet is, in some cases, changing the relationship they have with their patients and even undermining their own credibility. You probably have your own views on this controversial topic, so turn to page 66.

We cover a lot of ground in this issue with features on the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine, new methods of funding for AIDS care, new data on diabetes in the UAE and various technological developments that look set to soon impact healthcare, locally and globally. And all this in addition to interviews, news and product reviews! No wonder that Middle East Health is still rated by doctors as by far the best (and best-read) medical magazine in the region.

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Brian Wilkie

(Nov-Dec 2010)



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