Telemedicine - Bringing faraway patients closer to specialist care
Telemedicine is revolutionising healthcare in many spheres including clinical applications, medical education and helping provide equity of access to medical care. Andrew Graley, Polycom healthcare director, discusses the various applications and benefits of telemedicine.
Hospital Communications - Nursecall system enhances patient safety and nurse security
Qatar’s Hamad Medical City has installed a state-of-the-art nursecall system in the Cardiology Tower. MEH looks at how the system works and the benefits it is expected to give to nursing staff and patients.
International Report – Germany - Hub of innovation
Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and the healthcare sector is a key part of this. Mathias Marx provides an overview of the healthcare industry in Germany and finds it well positioned to compete in an increasingly global market place.
Hospital Management - Managing virtual teams in healthcare systems
Rapid globalisation over the last few decades compels us to modify our managerial skills such that one can optimally lead teams that are spread over large distances and different time zones. This is now commonly referred to as ‘virtual management’.
Kuwait Report - Government to spend billions on major healthcare overhaul
The Kuwait Government has embarked on an ambitious and far-reaching healthcare reform plan for the benefit of its citizens. Dr Mussaad Al-Razouki looks at the scope and structure of the reform plan, which includes a wide array of healthcare projects totalling billions of dollars.
  Pharma - More growth forecast for UAE market
A recent Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry study indicates that the UAE pharmaceutical market is one of the most developed markets in the Middle East, with a strong healthcare infrastructure and the highest per-capita medicine expenditure in the Middle East.

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