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World Cancer Congress 2012
The World Cancer Congress was held in Montréal, Canada from 27-30 August, where healthcare leaders from around the world discussed a number of important issues about cancer including the global burden of the disease and what can be done to reduce this; cervical cancer...
Hospital Design: The bed cluster concept
When hospitals group patient rooms into small clusters, nurses have more time for their patients. But the design of these ‘bed clusters’ is important.
Genetic Research: What was considered ‘junk DNA’ turns out to be huge genetic control panel
An international team of researchers has recently revealed that much of what has been called ‘junk DNA’ in the human genome is actually a massive control panel with millions of switches regulating the activity of our genes.
Lifestyle Diseases: Banking on obesity
Increasing efforts to tackle obesity over the coming decades will form an important new investment theme for fund managers, according to a new (Bank of America) BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research report called “Globesity - The Global Fight Against Obesity.”
  Metabolomics: Expanding database enables discoveries in emerging field of Metabolomics
Over the last decade, metabolomics has emerged as the newest of the “omic” sciences (following genomics and proteomics) to provide comprehensive biochemical information about cellular metabolism.
  Genetic Research: Researchers say human genome has twice as many genes as previously thought
The GENCODE Consortium expects the human genome has twice as many genes than previously thought, many of which might have a role in cellular control and could be important in human disease.
  Lifestyle Diseases: Study shows how exercise can improve heart function in diabetics
A detailed study of heart muscle function in mice has uncovered evidence to explain why exercise is beneficial for heart function in type 2 diabetes. 

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