Nov-Dec 2012


High quality, affordable, single-use cervical biopsy punch

DTR Medical – a leading sterile single-use surgical instrument manufacturer – is launching a new high quality, cost effective cervical biopsy punch customised to surgeons’ specifications.

Concerned about the risk of cross contamination when using hard-to-clean instruments on patients undergoing cervical biopsy punches, consulted surgeons requested an affordable, sterile single-use instrument with a rotating jaw, providing first-time sharpness and a precise cut.

Currently, single-use alternatives are commonly either plastic and cost effective, but without a precise cutting jaw, or metal but unable to consistently meet the quality requirements.

These alternatives often “mash” the tissue, creating poor biopsies and risking continued wound trauma that leads to longer patient recovery time.

With approximately 260,000 annual cervical biopsies conducted in the UK and the increased HPV testing demands, DTR Medical’s new product has the opportunity to enhance current procedures and aid the prevention of cross-contamination.

The nylon-based trigger handle and the metal jaw are made from high quality materials, utilising the advice of surgeons to create a truly fit-for-purpose product. The shaft and inner rod – made from stainless steel – actuate the jaw, ensuring no movement or flex occurs in order to achieve a sharp, clean cut. For more information contact the sales team on +44 (0) 1792 797 910 or email Visit:

Seca mBCA 515 – The first medically valid determination of body composition

Human beings are not transparent. So far, for this reason, elaborate methods were required to obtain a medically accurate picture of the body composition of a patient. These times are now over. The medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA 515 makes complicated technology very simple. It provides all the data relevant for nutritional medicine in less than 20 seconds. And that too at the medically precise level. The seca mBCA 515 from seca, Hamburg, is the world's only device for the analysis of body composition that has been validated in international studies with the respective scientific gold standard.

Prof. Dr. Manfred J. Müller, Head of the Department of Human Nutrition at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, said:

“The measurement of body composition allows a differentiated detection of nutritional status. ... The examination is very short and the doctor has all information that he needs to make the necessary decisions immediately after the test.”

The seca mBCA 515 determines in no time fat mass, fat-free mass, water and muscle. Six analysis modules prepare the readings in a user-friendly way. Diseases can be identified earlier. The seca mBCA differentiates between, for example, fluid overload, cachexia and a lean body physique. In this way, malnutrition can be diagnosed very early, even when fluid retention overlap a loss of body cell mass in patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency.

In the treatment of obesity, the seca mBCA provides an accurate performance review. At a glance you can see if the treatment goal – fat loss and muscle building – is achieved.

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Ampronix introduces the new VersaPaxx

Once again Ampronix has raised the bar by creating the New VersaPaxx, the first unique all-in-one, 22-inch screen that lets you capture images and video all in HD – with advanced analytical and diagnostic tools to make integration seamless.

The analysis tools such as measurements, DSA, region of interest (ROI) processing and marking, annotations, image processing, pan, zoom, and window leveling to name a few, give you the ability to take full control of the image and video, allowing you to become more than just a spectator.

VersaPaxx is the only complete solution for both Surgery and Radiology departments which demand quick and easy image/cine capture and DICOM conversion. This innovative technology is compatible with Cath Labs, MRI, CT, RF rooms, Mobile C-arms, PET, Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopes, and many more. Its universal compatibility with all types of modalities, regardless of manufacturer, supporting both DICOM and non- DICOM machines makes VersaPaxx a true complement to your imaging device.

VersaPaxx is uniquely designed to improve your workflow. With easy integration to a modality work list, patients can be brought into the queue with a few taps of the screen. VersaPaxx also gives you the ability to allow viewing of high definition recorded images and Cine/Video on an alternate display. This feature gives healthcare providers the added ability to view a larger image and congregate around a larger display to discuss the case.

With VersaPaxx we offer four models to better suit your needs. The VP222-AV is an analog input only version that will accept any analog video signal from 525-1600 vertical lines and actually upscale your image to high definition, 1600x1200, giving you a crisp, highly defined image. Our two digital versions: VP222-DD and VP222-DS accept either DVI-I/VGA/Component or HD-SDI video inputs, offering you the ability to capture video in its native resolution up to 1920x1080p. The VP222-VV is our universal DICOM viewer only version equipped with VersaVue which allows you to view any DICOM image from your PACS.

Ampronix remains committed to the same level of innovation that started the company over 30 years ago. The company says they are proud to be known and relied on for providing unparalleled customer service, along with high quality, technical and performance-based imaging and peripheral product to the medical world.

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TLV Healthcare unveils Hi-Care Media Bridge

More and more operating rooms are used for different surgical specialties, this not only leads to changing locations for surgeons and for anaesthetists, but for their instruments, medical devices and equipment too. To cope with this application- oriented aim, TLV Healthcare, a French company, is launching a brand new product at Medica with the Hi-Care Media Bridge.

The Hi-Care Media Bridge is 100% studied and tailor-made in France upon customer specifications. In one unit this OT supply system combines indirect lighting, power supplies, communication technology, data transfer interfaces, medical gases and all needed accessories and puts it within reach.

The equipment and accessories carrier has highly flexible ergonomics and is a very elegant unit, thanks to its swivelling corners and external and internal rails. Hi-Care is totally flexible and can be configured in one, two, three or four angles to fit all surgeries.

Medical gases outlets and electrical sockets can be located wherever needed to avoid any trouble, particularly with mobile operating tables and/or instruments trays. All outlets and sockets may be installed whether on the external or internal sides to fit all purposes.

To avoid airborne contamination, the Hi-Care has been carefully designed to limit laminar air flow with ceiling turbulence which improves air purity. For optimum hygiene, the smooth surfaces and recessed sockets ease cleaning and decontamination.

As a long term indirect lighting specialist, TLV Healthcare has integrated cutting-edge technologies to ensure comfort and safety to OR staff. Conventional light sources, RGB dimmed LEDs or green LEDs may procure efficient vision to anaesthetists, surgeons and their staff to perform their respective tasks even during endoscopic procedures.

This innovation will enhance performance and safety in the OR by improving the well-being of every person working for long hours in this highly demanding environment.

This new concept completes TLV Healthcare’s widest range for hospital critical care areas with bed head units, suspended beams and columns, ceiling pendants and media bridges. All these products are “custom” manufactured according to customer specifications, are equipped with long life light sources to offer low maintenance, reduce energy and spare parts consumption, and contribute to a sustainable development.

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Harloff launches MedStorMax medical storage cart

Harloff is pleased to introduce the MedStorMax product line of Medical Storage Carts and Cabinets, developed for storing medical supplies used in surgical procedures, including Arthroscopy, Cardiology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Laparoscopy, Neurology, and Orthopedics. This expansive product line offers 30% more tray storage capacity by volume when compared with the leading competitor’s product. Designed around the most innovative modular tray system on the market (H+H Systems), these storage solutions are durable and easy to use. The MedStorMax carts feature your choice of door style (tambour roll-up door or tempered glass panel doors) for security and ease of access.

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The Metallic i-Center – sturdy, compact and infection free

AFC Industries has introduced the latest addition to the line wall-mounted computer workstations – the Metallic i-Center.

Wall mounted i-Centers have become a standard choice for healthcare providers seeking convenient and secure computer access in constrained areas, including patient rooms and hallways. AFC’s selection of the all-metal i-Center offers a slim design to meet JCAHO standards, helps to reduce staff fatigue and injury, free up valuable floor space and comes complete with a myriad of features that enhances daily clinical workflow.

Built-in cut outs for power and data drops A bottom compartment for a thin client, power strip and/or cable management Soft edges that deflect moving objects and are less likely to be snagged by equipment or clothing Air flow ventilation is maximised through the side and top air flow holes to protect the equipment from overheating A fixed VESA 75/100 mm monitor plate Gas springs for easy open/close of the spacious work surface Advanced security to protect patient data and provide protection from vandalism, theft, and incidental damage Small footprint reduces hallway obstructions. The unit measure 26”x 26” and is only 4 inches deep These metallic i-Center units are perfectly suited for the medical industry or clean room environments. They are available with antimicrobial coatings and are easy to clean and disinfect.

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Maquet introduces TRIOP and VOLISTA for the OR

Maquet Surgical Workplaces, a leading name in technical innovation for operating theatre equipment, has launched two new products, TRIOP and VOLISTA, which are designed to improve the flexibility and performance of the operating theatre for hospitals and surgeons. TRIOP is a modular suspension system that offers versatility needed to organize a multi-disciplinary operating suite and VOLISTA, an extension of the TRIOP system, is the first modular surgical light designed to regulate the illumination reaching the surgeon’s eye.

The TRIOP system utilizes the revolutionary Connect to Operate (C2OP) interface, which allows a full range of light heads, display holders, cameras and other tools to be combined at will on a single suspension. The accessories are easily interchangeable, meaning that the needs of different medical specialties no longer have to be balanced against operating theatre occupancy criteria. Tools can now be pooled, ensuring that each surgeon has the ideal equipment for each operation.

The VOLISTA surgical light incorporates Maquet’s innovative Luminance Management Device (LMD), a patent-pending system designed to regulate the illumination reaching the surgeon’s eye. LMD provides surgeons a clear and accurate view of anatomical structures during surgery, visual comfort with minimal peripheral reflections and assures surgeons of equivalent light levels when they look at dark cavities or light tissue. VOLISTA is also very modular as it offers the surgeon the possibility to choose up to three color temperatures (3900, 4500 or 5100 K), thus adapting the illumination based on the surgery being performed.

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Fanem presents its new Babypuff infant resuscitator at Medica 2012

Fanem’s infant resuscitator has reached enormous success around the world. The new system has a bolder, modern design and is available in four different versions: Traditional, tabletop, portable and wallmount.

Fanem, a Brazilian manufacturing company and leader in neonatology products, is presenting its new Babypuff 1020 Infant Resuscitator, during Medica in Dusseldorf in November. The product is already available with an even more versatile new design, in four versions, which allows its application in the most varied situations.

Babypuff presents a bold and modern look. The rounded edges and a carry handle allow easier transportation and use of the device. With a newly engineered plastic case, Babypuff is light and easier to handle during emergency care.

The equipment guarantees great reliability and excellent results in resuscitation procedures, by operating with an external gas source. The Babypuff has three easyregulation valve systems, which parameterize and control all resuscitator features. They are as follows: maximum pressure relief or safety adjustment valve; PIP - Pic Inspiratory Pressure adjustment valve; and PEEP - Positive End Expiratory Pressure adjustment valve.

It provides excellent oxygenation and offers countless advantages in relation to manual resuscitators that require, on the part of the professional, a special ability and lots of training to keep the pressure and adequate consistency during the ventilation process. The Babypuff inflates the patient’s lungs in a safe manner with a consistent PIP and excellent control in the PEEP maintenance, thus maintaining the opening of alveoli and, accordingly, the functional residual capacity, preventing the collapse of the lungs. The readings may be accomplished directly – in a fast-response time mano-vacuum gauge – with a patient interface system.

Besides the design enhancement, the equipment is now available in four different versions, for different situations and needs, including a traditional version. The tabletop version allows coupling a blender that offers oxygen concentrations of 21% to 100%. This model also has a support base with four suction cups, thus bringing the best fixation on the bench and avoiding the possibility of falls.

Babypuff has also comes in a portable version, in which the equipment and the blender are placed on a cart, along with oxygen and air cylinders. This mobility brings great autonomy to the teams that can take the equipment to all the facilities in the hospital. The wall-mount version has a part that allows coupling the BabyPuff with or without the blender to walls, and to remove it when changing rooms, for example.

These pieces of equipment may be used as much in ground transportation as in air transportation, aiming at increasing the efficacy of newborn care.

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Burnout: Proved? Proved!

Self-tests and methods to analyse the level of burnout are in trend. But often the criteria are unclear and the patient’s perception differs for the same indications. Thanks to the revolutionary Software “Fire of Life”, Schiller is now able to present a solution.

By use of the Schiller’s medilog ECG recorders and the “Fire of Life” software, the heart rate variability (HRV) is analysed and displayed in a new way to help judge the function of the autonomic nervous system. You can see how well the human body reacts to stress and recovery. This opens up completely new diagnostic possibilities.

HRV is the variation between consecutive heartbeats and is affected by several factors such as age, stress, cardiac diseases and health status. Since the heart is a central point of many regulating systems, the heart rate is influenced by many body functions and adjusted by the autonomic nervous system.

To get all the necessary data you just need have one single device: The new ‘medilog FD12 plus’ which is designed for 3 or 12- channel ECG recordings. In addition to the detection of all cardiopathological events, a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a unit can be provided. And you get all that from a holter without the use of any additional sensors.

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