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Harloff ’s new scope storage cabinet has HEPA filter

Harloff’s newest medical storage product line helps streamline workflow in a hospital outpatient department, a clinic, an ambulatory surgery center, or a doctor’s office.

The unique features of Harloff’s large, high capacity scope cabinet (SC16DP) sets it apart from the competition. It features:

1. Unique HEPA filtration system to exceed AORN scope storage recommendations. This cabinet will dry scopes with clean air (largest complaint of most scope cabinet owners is lack of cleanliness). The HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of particles.

2. Two door styles; tempered glass doors or tambour door made from foam filled aluminum slats.

3. Internal drawstring to assist in closure; helping staff to avoid strenuous overhead reach.

4. 16 Scope capacity, customizable as needed.

5. High quality, durable construction made with sturdy 18 gauge steel.

6. Sturdy frame and base.

7. Five-year international warranty The storage cabinet is proudly manufactured in the USA. l For more information, visit:

Codonics Safe Label System reduces medication errors

Safe Label System (SLS) greatly reduces injectable medication errors common in the operating room. SLS simplifies and improves the safety and accuracy of syringe labelling, helping to eliminate vial and ampoule swaps, mislabelling, and syringe swaps.

SLS sits on your existing anaesthesia drug cart. When a drug is ready to be prepared, the clinician uses SLS to scan the vial or container. The drug is instantly verified against the pharmacy’s drug database. SLS then speaks and visually displays the drug name and concentration to confirm the selection, acting as a second pair of eyes. A full-colour label is printed on demand and includes the drug name, concentration, preparer’s initials, expiration time and a barcode. Once the syringe is prepared and labelled, it can be “triple-checked”. Using SLS to scan the barcode on the syringe label prior to injection provides the final visual and audible confirmation of the drug name as well as the time remaining until it expires.

Using the touch screen, dilutions can be easily accommodated and include safety guardrails to avoid mistakes. When a drug is diluted, the easy-to-read label is printed showing the new dilution and concentration. From the touch screen, users can also quickly print line and catheter labels for both ends.

To support global medication labelling standards, SLS integrates worldwide best practices and international standards, including the Joint Commission International, recommendations of the European Society of Anaesthesia (ESA), and ISO standards. With SLS, clinicians will never have to handwrite labels and every syringe will be clearly, safely and compliantly labelled.

Dedicated to providing their patients with the most advanced medical technology available, King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH), Bahrain, is leading the region to ensure patient safety. With a keen awareness of worldwide medication labelling standards, KHUH has implemented SLS throughout the site, including the operating room, ICU, PICU, NICU, Labour and Delivery, ER, Daycare, Radiology and Pharmacy. KHUH utilizes Codonics Container Labelling System (CLS) to incorporate barcode compliancy into their Pharmacy and throughout the facility. CLS enables barcode unit dose labelling to improve efficiency and increase accuracy. The system creates and prints data matrix labels readable by SLS or any other system with a barcode scanner.

Clinicians welcome high quality single-use cervical biopsy punch


Since launching at last year’s Medica, DTR Medical’s Rotating Cervical Biopsy Punch is a timely development in light of the increasing need for cervical cancer screenings and human papilloma virus (HPV) testing.

This cost effective solution not only ensures clinics can run smoothly through improved instrument availability, but guarantees a good quality biopsy every time. It is clear to see why it has been received so well in the market, with notable positive feedback including: “The rotating punch biopsy is slick, easy to use and sharp”

“The reusable forceps [biopsy punches] consistently produce inadequate samples – cross-cut, crushed or torn – this causes confusion and further unnecessary followup. I want to use these disposable forceps [single-use biopsy punch]”

The rotating jaw provides first time sharpness and a precise cut with a cleaner wound that heals quickly. Alternatives commonly lack a precise cutting jaw, creating poor biopsies with continued wound trauma which leads to longer patient recovery time.

This addition to an extensive range of single-use gynaecology instruments is a truly ‘fit-for-purpose’ instrument that can enhance existing procedures. l For more information, visit:

Astra Biotech launches real-time PCR kits for detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are a global healthcare problem with worldwide increasing incidence (from 2005 to 2008: Neisseria gonorrhoeae – by 21% and Trichomonas vaginalis – by 11.2%). STDs often manifest no symptoms and elude diagnosis and treatment. Both pathogens are recognized as cofactors for HIV infection and can lead to reproductive problems.

In contrast to the traditional method of microscopic examination and culture detection of STDs, the PCR method offers fast and sensitive detection of pathogens.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Trichomonas vaginalis PCR kits are designed to provide fast qualitative detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Trichomonas vaginalis DNA in urethral swab specimens, endocervical and vaginal smears, urine samples, prostatic fluid specimens and other human body fluids and tissue samples by means of Real-Time PCR. The kits include all required components in a ready-to-use format: PCR mix, DNA polymerase and internal as well as positive and negative controls. Test protocols are provided for a wide range of widespread thermal cyclers.

For more information, visit:

Philips Healthcare offers Continuing Medical Education

Philips Healthcare recognizes and commits to the need for education in the region. The company has opened four education centers, in Beirut, Dubai, Riyadh and Istanbul. Philips Education Centers in the Middle East provide healthcare professionals with closer-to-home solutions when it comes to training needs. They offer a range of accredited courses.

Philips is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality professional education to healthcare professionals. In addition the Philips Online Learning Center provides continuing education (CE) approved and/or accredited self-directed learning activities by Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanisms (RCEEMs). Their education offerings are supported by the industry’s leading academic institutions and accreditation organizations. That’s why more than 300,000 medical professionals use the Online Learning Center for their continuing education needs. Philips Healthcare offers training at customer sites, their global high-tech training facilities, online, and at 30 other Philips locations as well as third party institutes – when and where you need it, flexible and convenient.

For more information, visit:

Static Systems’ Fusion-IP nurse call defined for every environment

Static Systems’ new Fusion-IP family of nurse call systems will soon to be launched in the Middle East, following the successful introduction in the UK.

In a concerted effort to take the complexity out of choosing the most appropriate nurse call system, the company has categorized its Fusion-IP product range into four distinct sub-brands.

Together, the new Fusion-IP ‘family’ comprising Ultima, Optima, Codem and Aspire can accommodate the nurse call needs of all healthcare environments, ranging from simple systems for smaller community hospitals and treatment centres to hi-tech new-build schemes employing the latest IP technologies. A costeffective upgrade path for legacy systems is also provided.

All solutions in the Fusion-IP family can operate independently or as one integrated system with connection via a TCP/IP connection through an Ethernet switch. Static Systems will shortly also be introducing ‘Ventura’ the company’s new range of medical supply units.

Company representatives will be at Arab Health 2014 to explain the thinking behind Fusion-IP Ultima, Optima, Codem and Aspire and also demonstrate the Ventura product range. l For more information, visit:

HI-CARE can be adapted to suit any multi-disciplinary operating theatre

This suspended media bridge optimizes the quality of surgical interventions by providing surgeons, anaesthetists and operating room staff an easy access to power supplies, communication technologies, data transfers and medical gas that can be easily positioned within reach according to each procedure. This is because of the flexibility offered by its eight internal and external sides and its innovative rotating corners system.

The HI-CARE can be adapted to suit any multi-disciplinary operating theatre as each one is individually tailor-made to perfectly fit the dimensions and organisation of this high risk area. The equipment is positioned so that the floor is left free and contributes to the optimization of the operating room material and human turnover. In a single unit, HI-CARE combines energy distribution, equipment carriage and peripheral lighting of the area.

Perfectly adapted equipment

To comply with all international norms and standards, the HI-CARE suspended distribution beam is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of each customer: extra low voltage/ low voltage electric currents, medical gas alarm monitoring, any brands and standards on internal and/or external beam sides, rail(s) and tube(s) on internal and/ or external faces of the unit, cover(s) and/ or tube(s) on the housing using the whole length of the beam.

Easy access to functionalities

The recommended under-beam height (2000 mm) allows easy access to the features, which are within reach of all staff members while keeping the distribution unit compact.

Operating room turnover

The rotating corners with indexation enable rapid modification of equipment positioning and therapy devices between two operations, ensuring the benefit of an optimised workspace for anaesthetists, surgeons and their staff.


Compatible with all ceiling laminar air flow systems, the HI-CARE contributes to the fight against nosocomial infection by protecting the air flow from turbulence.

Cleaning and decontamination

The smooth shapes and surfaces allow easy cleaning and decontamination.


The technical equipment fixed at the back of the unit with direct access through dedicated clipped covers enables quick maintenance.

RGB (Red Green Blue) Lighting

Indirect integrated lighting on the upper part of the HI-CARE beam provides comfortable vision for operating staff whilst enabling peripheral tasks to be safely carried out. The comfort provided by the different dimmable colours of the LED lighting system offers infinite possibilities for the patients emotional management (red light relaxes, blue stimulates) as well as improved vision (green for endoscopy, x-rays). The HI-CARE media bridge integrates 100% LED RGB lighting to provide perfect vision to anaesthetists, surgeons and their staff to carry out their tasks during endoscopic procedures.

Fanem releases new Transport Incubator

Fanem, a leading global manufacturer of neonatal equipment, announces that IT-2158 Transport Incubator, designed for the safe transport of premature babies and newborns, involving routine procedures and high complexity cases, is now on the market. It uses a microprocessor to control and monitor parameters, displayed on a panel that is easy to view and operate. It also provides air microfiltration, temperature control, passive humidification and oxygen concentration inside the hood.

The IT 2158 comes with advanced technologies, such as the Babypuff Resuscitator, a blender and a gas regulator. A neonatal ventilator as well as an aspirator can also be hooked up. It has a support for up to two air cylinders and two oxygen cylinders to ensure greater autonomy and sustainability during transport, with continuous use of gases, allowing for switching between the two pairs. It monitors the patient’s oxygenation through an oxygen analyzer and pulse oximetry.

The double-walled hood provides full patient visibility. The bed slips through the headboard of the hood and enables external care in emergency situations. The incubators are equipped with auxiliary lighting for observation of patients in low-light environments.

In addition, the three access doors (side, front and rear), four hatches and two dual tubing access grommets facilitate performing procedures by more than one professional. l For more information, visit:

Intersurgical introduces InterGuide tracheal tube introducer

Intersurgical has added two new product lines to their Airways Accessories range. InterGuide and InterForm are designed to assist during difficult intubation scenarios and are well-established concepts in the market.

InterGuide is a flexible tracheal tube introducer commonly known as a bougie, which allows for ease of positive endotracheal tube location. Other main features include its bold green colour to make for clear identification within an ET tube; low-friction surface to facilitate insertion; and a nontraumatic coudé tip.

Ideal for use in anaesthesia, in predicted or difficult airways; emergency medicine, for difficult airways or where direct laryngoscopy is not possible; and ITU. Available in sizes 6FR, 10 FR and 15FR.

InterForm is a malleable endotracheal stylet made with an aluminium core coated in a mobile plastic sleeve, allowing the user freedom to form the most suitable shape for easy insertion. Acting as a former within the inner lumen of the ET tube, InterForm does not come into direct contact patient contact. Ideal for use in anaesthesia and emergency medicine under similar conditions as Inter- Guide.

Available in sizes 6FR, 10FR and 14FR. Both are sold in box quantities of 10.

For more information, visit:

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