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One of the regular topics of our November-December issue is Lifestyle Diseases. Its a major issue around the world encompassing preventable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity which are brought on by unhealthy living smoking, bad diet and lack of physical exercise. I have always been a big fruit eater and advocate of its goodness. Commonsense says that it must be healthy. Now a huge study out of China shows clearly that sustained fruit consumption can decrease cardiovascular disease risk by as much as 40%. Tell your patients to eat more fruit.

Philips has been working with lighting for decades and recently, with the advent of LED lighting and the ability to make lighting dynamic, they have developed HealWell dynamic lighting for the patient room. Based on a range of research, which shows that the more time patients spend in daylight, or artificial light that mimics natural light, the better is their biological response to healing and therapy. Read more about this on page 46.

Also in this issue, we have a report from the 61st session of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean region meeting in Tunis, during which Dr Ala Alwan, the regional director, called for a strengthening of capacity to deal with emerging health threats. Read the report on page 28.

We have several interesting news reports in this issue, including the first successful birth of a baby from a transplanted womb; the two Egyptian researchers based in Munich who won a contest to send their research on Hepatitis C to the International Space Station for zero-gravity tests; a shocking document on suicide published by WHO which notes that on average globally there is a suicide every 40 seconds. It calls for action to prevent this public health issue.

Ahead of the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai in January we have an extended Product News section. As usual you will find a wealth of news, reviews and interviews in Middle East Health.

Callan Emery

(Nov-Dec 2014)

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