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Karl Storz’s VisitOR1 provides global interaction from anywhere in a clinical setting

The VisitOR1 is a unique telepresense/ telesurgical robotic device which can be placed in any location within a clinical institution and provide immediate and direct interactions with experts across the globe. The device is unique in that it only requires an internet connection to transmit live images from interventions or surgeries at a moments noticed. To utilize the system, a user simply has to login to a secure server and can access the VisitOR1 when required. While logged into the device, both locations connected can be seen and heard.

Also, the robotic head unit can be positioned and controlled so as to provide the best unobstructed view. Physicians on the local end can send simultaneous video signals from both the exterior and endoscopic views in order to provide a clear representation of the intervention. Since the user in control is interacting directly with the surgical staff, the device is a complete mobile production studio which can record images and videos, telestrate, switch viewable sources, connect to traditional video conference devices, and lastly pinpoint specific locations in the surgical environment by utilizing the built-in laser pointer.

The device is truly a mobile telehealth tool which is intuitive and simple to use. With wired, wireless, and tablet capabilities, the VisitOR1 is portable and flexible to meet the growing demands of an institution looking to expand its knowledge and influence in the surgical arena.

Key Use Cases:

• Physician to Physician Direct Interaction (OR to OR) • Physician to Department Interaction (OR to Pathology) • Institution to Service Department (Remote Troubleshooting) • Patient to Physician (Remote Patient Rounding Capabilities) • Physician to Group/Institution (Multipresense Telehealth to Lecture Hall) Key Features: • Control your position in the OR for maximum visualization • Share images and data files for improved collaboration • Extend your interactive reach into the OR via laser pointing and telestration • Multiple inputs for greater flexibility • Portable access via mobile tablet software • Multiple user log in and access to same device • Broadcast access available via secure connectivity • 256 AES Encryption • Clean transmission rates greater than 700kbps

KARL STORZ (Tuttlingen, Germany) is a worldwide leading manufacturer of rigid endoscopes, endoscopic instruments and devices for more than 15 human medical disciplines. With OR1, it is a leader in integrated OR systems and sets the standard in telemedicine. With more than 5,000 OR1 installations worldwide, KARL STORZ is a technological pioneer in this highly innovative, promising field.

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BOA vision and COBRA vision – dual uniqueness meets digital vision

Medical instrument manufacturer Richard Wolf presents two new flexible Sensor Ureterorenoscopes: the singlechannel ureterorenoscope (URS) ‘BOA vision’ and a dual-channel URS ‘COBRA vision’.

“When we were developing ‘BOA vision’ and ‘COBRA vision’, we held discussions with leading urologists to find out the aspects of our renoscopes that could be optimized. We also incorporated the latest findings from the areas of imaging, illumination and ergonomics,” commented Stefan Gillé, Head of Product Marketing Urology at Richard Wolf.

Due to the very small sheath diameter of 8.7 Fr., ‘BOA vision’ can be introduced through ureteral guides with a diameter of just 9.5 Fr. This makes it particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adult patients with very narrow ureters. ‘COBRA vision’ also permits the simultaneous option of using one or two working instruments with outstanding irrigation performance in both cases. This significantly reduces the intervention times compared with single-channel renoscopes.

Common attributes of both instruments include LED illumination, the digital image sensor, and the higher torsional stiffness of the sheaths. The LED illumination integrated in the instruments generates homogenous lighting instead of spot illumination. The highresolution image sensor provides a largeformat, bright and high-contrast image. White balance and focusing are no longer necessary. The more robust design of the sheaths by comparison with the flexible ureterorenoscopes from other manufacturers found in the marketplace allows the instruments to be pushed much more easily through a ureteral guide into the kidney duct system.

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A-SMART carts for quality healthcare

Armstrong’s A-SMART carts are light to push and do not rust as they are made of durable aluminum. This dependable line of PremierTM Carts comes in many sizes and colors, offers a choice of locking systems with either key lock, breakaway seals or push button lock. You can customize your cart and change its configuration at any time when needs change with a selection of hundreds of accessories.

A-SMART carts are stable thanks to a stabilizing frame, easy to maneuver with soft grip handles, swivel casters, 2 brakes and one tracking guiding caster. The drawers open and close softly on ball bearing glides and are protected by double side panels and bumpers all around. A-SMART carts undergo the highest quality controls standards to meet ISO 9001:2000 certification requirements. The most reputable hospitals depend on A-SMART carts to provide high quality healthcare to demanding patients.

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Coronis Uniti – one display, any image

Imagine reviewing both PACS and mammography, grayscale and color, 2D and 3D, static and dynamic images on a single display. One that features the best image quality you’ve ever witnessed and is packed with wonderful features that reduce occupational stress and strain. That’s exactly how Coronis Uniti makes any radiologist’s dreams come true.

Big and beautiful

Featuring the largest form factor today, 12 million pixels, the brightest calibrated colours and superb grays, Coronis Uniti offers the best image quality on the market. The display has been designed to mirror a human’s natural field of vision so radiologists can view images comfortably without extraneous eye, head, and neck movement.

Because of its 1:1 image presentation and Optical Glass technology, Coronis Uniti always presents the best image without the need for scaling, panning or zooming. Its feature- rich design – including exceptional light control options and high-speed cine imaging – make Coronis Uniti the display your reading room deserves.

As a truly “unified” display, it brings together colour PACS and breast images on a single screen, to enable a more thorough examination. For your radiology department, the result is a more efficient, cost-effective workstation built around a single display, which is simpler to manage and control.

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Timesco Optima Pocket diagnostic sets – the perfect mobile diagnostic tool

The Timesco Optima Pocket diagnostic sets have been designed to offer the clinician and student alike with a perfect diagnostic tool for ophthalmology and aural examination with the convenience of being small enough to be carried in a pocket.

The Timesco Optima Pocket diagnostic sets feature the same superb quality optics, precision lenses, fibre optics and Xenon illumination for pure white light and durable materials as Timesco’s Desk and Wall mounted Diagnostic sets, Optima Neo.

Individual Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes as well as a combination of both in Diagnostic sets in hard and soft cases are available. The Optima Pocket Ophthalmoscopes feature durable construction, superb bright Xenon white light Illumination and five apertures: large, small macular (spot), half moon, fixation, red free filter and 18 dioptre lenses.

The Optima Pocket Otoscopes features high intensity Xenon illumination and fibre optics. Timesco Optima Pocket Diagnostic Sets are constructed from durable plastics, metal alloys and stainless steels.

Timesco Healthcare Diagnostic Products are ISO, CE and FDA approved and guaranteed for materials and manufacture.

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Kenall MedMaster M4 Green LED delivers effective light for the surgical suite

Surgical suites are the centers of efficient, precise and often life-saving work, making the visual needs of the medical staff critical to successful outcomes. Kenall’s MedMaster M4 LED delivers consistent, effective light where and when it’s needed. See better, perform better

Surgical teams need to be both effective and efficient during a procedure without straining to see the operating field, monitors or equipment. Kenall understands that high visual contrast and acuity with minimal eye strain is crucial for operating rooms. With 50 years of experience in delivering lighting solutions for challenging applications, our proven MedMaster M4 Green LED surgical suite light fixture provides improved visual contrast, clarity and comfort, and gives physicians a confident advantage.

The MedMaster M4 is available for the operating room in White LED or White LED & Green LED and can be independently dimmed to create the perfect balance of light. It offers an application optimized spectrum for increased visual acuity with no transmission loss due to filters. These light fixtures are sealed for infection control and feature the NSF2 listing, which supports ease of maintenance, and IP65 listed per IEC 60598, which ensures ingress protection against contaminants.

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MR-conditional carts for Magnetic Resonance Imaging suites

Harloff offers a line of carts that meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Designation of MR-Conditional for use in a 3 Tesla or less environment of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite (testing date 1-13- 2010). Whether you need it for Anesthesia or Emergency, Harloff has the right MR-Conditional cart for your needs. Harloff was the first medical cart manufacturer to design and test a medical cart built of non-ferrous components, knowing that there is a need within facilities to have critical supplies organized and readily available in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging environment. Harloff MRI carts are available with break-away locks or key locks, and have the option of two cabinet sizes – standard or narrow body.

• Non-magnetic or “weakly magnetic” materials including aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum and brass attachment hardware Standard Features: • Designed and built for safe use in the strong magnetic fields present in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suites • Tested by independent testing authority to 3 Tesla level • Meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International, Designation: F2503-05 definition of “MR-Conditional • Cabinet painted gloss white with MRI identification sticker applied • 13 drawer colours available • Low-ferrous, ball-bearing, full extension drawer slides • Low-ferrous 5” sealed ball-bearing casters; full swivel – one with brake, one directional • Full wrap-around vinyl bumper • 5” sealed ball-bearing casters; full swivel – one with brake, one directional • Stainless steel pull-out shelf • Low ferrous, ball-bearing, full extension drawer slides • Replaceable plastic top with integrated push handles • Cart is delivered fully assembled with pre-threaded accessory mounting holes • MR-Conditional accessories available • Choice of sizes, drawer configurations, locking options, and accessories • Latex free • Five year warranty

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Painless blood sampling – what every person with diabetes must know

With six US, and 22 international patents, Genteel is the first totally pain-free lancing instrument, for both adults and children with diabetes, allowing the right amount of test blood to be drawn from both fingers and alternate sites, completely without discomfort.

Genteel eliminates the usual pain and anxiety of lancing with a patented combination of vacuum, precise depth control, and vibration. The patented Nozzle/Contact Tip Assembly controls the lancet to penetrate just deeply enough to touch the closer-to-the-surface blood capillaries, but never the deeper pain nerves. Genteel’s vacuum then draws up the blood from this extremely shallow site, whether on sensitive fingertips, or such alternate sites as shoulders, arms, or above the knee. Genteel’s 120-day money-back and five year warranty ensure years of painless testing, drawing the precise amount of test blood, every time, without the need to squeeze the lance site.

Genteel also has the potential to “redraw”, enabling the user to go back to an earlier test site, and with Genteel’s vacuum alone – without a lance – continue to draw test blood throughout the day. Requiring only four easy-to-use steps, Genteel works with any square shaft lancets, test strips and meters, allowing the user to continue with whatever testing supplies they are most comfortable with. Because Genteel is painless, and offers other body sites to choose from, parents can now test their young child at night, say from their shoulder or leg, without having to wake them.

Genteel’s elegant design comfortably fits the hands of both adults and children. With customizable colour options, and an imaginative sticker collection, Genteel users can now make lancing both a comfortable and creative experience.

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The completely new hygiene and toileting system

Time and again, research has shown the necessity of good toileting for children’s health. So Rifton designed the Rifton HTS with that in mind. Hygienic, simple, affordable, the Rifton HTS promotes the forward positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile, its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – make the lives of caregivers better too.

• The unique design of the optional seat pad opening, open to the rear for larger clients – facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene. • The portability kit provides clients greater independence, and their families greater freedom to travel. • Optional integral skin foam pads for the back and seat provide comfort for clients and easy disinfecting for caregivers. • A silhouette of a boy standing with a line next to him indicating that the key user dimension for this product is height. • Optional gas-assisted tilt-in-space enables the Rifton HTS to tilt 15˚ forward for easier transfer and better toileting position, as well as 15˚ back for showering and hair washing. • On. Over. Off. No matter what your toileting situation or special need, the Rifton HTS can meet it with its unmatched versatility:

What clients say?

“The Rifton HTS is yet another fantastic innovation. The creative and highly adjustable design gives children comfort, security and the opportunity for success while offering caregivers ease and simplicity. Our staff has high praise for its simple adjustability and ease of cleaning. The quality of this product is by far the best on the market. Rifton has once again set the bar high!”

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