Reversing incidence of malaria one of the great success stories of the MDGs
Malaria death rates have plunged by 60% since 2000, translating into 6.2 million lives saved, the vast majority of them children, according to a joint WHO-UNICEF report released in September.
Medilink network is home to some of the UKs leading medical equipment manufacturers
The UK has continually been at the forefront of Medical Technology (MedTech) innovation, where the process of transforming ideas and goodwill into operational realities remains paramount.
Taming the growing diabetes epidemic
The alarmingly high global prevalence of diabetes reflects the grim, devastating realities of this modern epidemic: today, over 380 million adults worldwide are living with diabetes, and about 180 million of these are undiagnosed.
Turkey aiming to become major player in health tourism
With numerous advanced hospitals, relatively low prices for treatments, strong government support in the way of public-private partnerships, and a strategic geographic location, Turkey looks set to become a major player in the lucrative health tourism industry.

 Date of upload: 16th Nov 2015
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