Nov-Dec 2016

Enoch exam table easy to use with unique features

Enoch’s exam tables (manual or electrical) are easy to use for physicians and comfortable for patients. Manual tables (optional electrical outlets) support up to 300kg, include a long non-slip foot step, a pelvic tilt with 2 positions (7° and 11°) and a vacuum formed top resting on a tubular steel frame (no wood or plastic) providing strength and durability.

Easy use: Drawers can be reversed from one side to other at any time. The stirrups, leg extension and irrigation basin operate independently of each other, giving fast and easy transition from one to another. The manual tables have a spring assisted mechanism to effortlessly raise and lower the back section providing quick easy adjustment and never fails (unlike gas cylin- Enoch exam table easy to use with unique features ders) and never needs to be replaced. The electrical tables utilize a high performance power actuator to adjust the back.

The top has a Perineal Recess integrated into the seat section giving patients more comfortable positioning while providing physician better access to the perineum area during exam or procedure.


Timesco Callisto Flare preloaded LED single-use handles prevent cross contamination

Over the past decade Timesco has become market leader in the field of Laryngoscopy with an unrivalled range of quality brands; reusable: fibre Optima, Sirius, standard Orion and single use: fibre Callisto and standard Europa light.

Timesco’s range of laryngoscopes have been further upgraded by the addition of LED lights for the reusable and single-use handles and standard blades.

The single-use Callisto range has been expanded with the addition of Callisto Flare LED single-use dry cell and preloaded handles which are supplied complete with batteries. The Callisto Flare LED handles are available individually and also paired with the Callisto blades as handle and blade packs, ready to use.

Timesco Callisto Flare preloaded LED single-use handles prevent cross contamination Timesco’s Callisto single-use laryngoscopes offer control of cross contamination, no reprocessing or autoclaving costs and convenience.

In a recent study in the USA comparing costs of the reprocessing of reusable and single-use laryngoscopes it was found that the reprocessing cycle cost for reusable blades and handles was $17 and if there was a Hospital Acquired Infection the cost would increase to $27.

The Callisto system is latex free, nontoxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste. Timesco products are ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA, and approved worldwide.

FDA approval for world’s first Hybrid Closed Loop system for Type 1 diabetes

Medtronic announced it has received US FDA approval of its MiniMed 670G system – the first Hybrid Closed Loop insulin delivery system. Featuring the company’s most advanced algorithm – SmartGuard HCL – the system is the latest innovation in Medtronic’s phased approach toward developing a fully automated, closed loop system.

The MiniMed 670G system features the Guardian Sensor, Medtronic’s newest and most advanced glucose sensor with enhanced accuracy and performance, and a longer 7-day life. The Guardian Sensor, the first and only sensor approved by the FDA to control a hybrid closed loop system, incorporates diagnostic technology that continuously monitors sensor health. Driven by the SmartGuard HCL, the system delivers a variable rate of insulin 24 hours a day based on the personalized needs of the patient, maximizing the time glucose levels are within the target range. It is designed to learn what an individual’s insulin needs are and to take action to minimize both high and low glucose levels. As a result, the system requires minimal input - patients only need to enter mealtime carbohydrates, accept bolus correction recommendations, and periodically calibrate the sensor.



New SAVe II Transport Ventilator eases patient transport for medics

The new SAVe II Transport Ventilator is a time-cycled, volumetargeted, pressure-limited ventilator for ground or air transport. As a 1,2kg hand-size device, It’s highly portable. Designed to enable medics to be free so that they can perform other critical tasks, help other patients or assist with transport.

The ventilator SAVe II provides safety for patients by eliminating guess-work and operator error of bagging (BVM) in a high stress environment. It’s the easiest to use compressor driven ventilator.

  • Simple to use: Preset heights enable a minimally trained provider to deliver targeted therapy.
  • Internal compressor: Does not require a compressed air source to operate as it delivers only ambient air. If supplemental oxygen is used (up to 10 L/min) the FiO2 range is 21% to 100%.
  • Power & autonomy: Operates on rechargeable battery enabling to deliver air for 10+ hours depending on settings. It runs and charges simultaneously when plugged in.
  • Transportation: It can be carried in a special hard case or soft bag in ambulances & helicopters.
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EKF Diagnostics exhibits new HbA1c analysers


EKF Diagnostics will be previewing the new connectivity solution for their range of point-of-care HbA1c analysers at Medica 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Quo-Test and Quo-Lab now come with a connectivity package that allows the analysers to transmit patient data to most Lab Information Management Systems (LIS) in use today.

The connectivity package uses the POCT1-A2 communication protocol and unlocks a host of new features aimed at improving security and quality control.

For the first time, patient demographic information and additional test commentary can be added to each test result including name, date of birth and patient ID number, using either the standard barcode scanner or the new add-on keyboard. This enables patient results to be linked and traced throughout the healthcare system.

Operator IDs can also be added to each test result, significantly improving the traceability and security applied to every HbA1c reading. A controlled list of trained operators assures that only those with sufficient competency have access to the system.

In addition to these functions enhanced quality control is available with multiple user-defined QC lockout options, ensuring that tests can only be run according to localised quality assurance procedures.

These new connectivity solutions take Quo-Test and Quo-Lab to the next level in point-of-care patient management.



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