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Improving care for critically ill older infants and toddlers

Until recently, hospital staff treating older infants and toddlers in PICUs had little choice of bed for their young patients, which presented problems when complete access was needed for difficult procedures such as tracheal intubation or putting in vascular lines.

The Doernbecher Critical Care Crib, produced by HARD Manufacturing Company, addresses the specific problems encountered in PICUs.

The crib is designed to interface seamlessly with other ICU technology, such as mechanical ventilators, invasive monitoring equipment, IV pumps and tubing. Tubing and wires are easily accessed from the patient to IV pumps and monitors with one IV pump bracket on each corner.

Multiple attachments for monitors, charts/graphs, medications and other equipment have been added as a feature of the crib.

All four side rails have the EZ-Lift system, an innovation from HARD Manufacturing now standard in all their critical care cribs. The EZ Lift System allows caregivers to raise the crib sides without using the John Hopkins handle.

The sides may be placed in five positions, from fully down to fully raised. This gives complete access to the child and improves the quality of care.

The sides are light and easy to handle with a noise suppressing mechanism developed for neonatal patients. Nurses and parents find it easier to manage the rails, significantly reducing the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Riley Access on each end gate at the head and foot of the crib gives quiet access to the patient. Additionally, two specially designed bars on each side, called Portland Access, can be temporarily opened creating a 5” gap for managing patient lines.

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External pacing is now an option

Artema now offers external pacing as an option to its Cardio-Aid 200 defibrillator.

Cardio-Aid 200 is a defibrillator line designed to meet the variety of needs in the hospital environment where user skills and defibrillation experience may vary significantly from the general medical ward to the cardiac care unit.

Cardio-Aid 200 offers true AED simplicity in use with clear text and voice guidance according to international guidelines. When the cardiac team arrives, flipping the front flap reveals buttons dedicated to manual defibrillation, synchronised defibrillation, internal defibrillation, and the new
external pacing option.

Cardio-Aid 200 offers fixed as well as demand pacing with clear visual indication on the ECG display. Each delivered pace pulse is carefully monitored by an independent security system to assure accurate and safe pacing under all circumstances. The ECG signal can be monitored via a separate ECG cable or via a connected patient monitor.

Cardio-Aid 200 is available for either paddles or electrode operation. All units can be used with external paddles, internal paddles, and combined defibrillation / pacing electrodes.

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Microphone replaces the stethoscope

Terumo’s ES-P110 replaces the stethoscope with a very sensitive microphone built into its cuff.

This measurement method is based on the Korotkov method (K) to monitor the sound of blood flow and obtains precise blood pressure readings.

Additionally, the artery-oscillation signal (O) is utilised, which improves the reliability of the results.

Because it uses these methods, the OK Sensor can consistently deliver precise measurements.

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Stretcher is unbeatable for performance

The astonishing combination of technology and design make the Spencer Cross Stretcher Trolley stand out,
both for its aesthetics and for its performance.

It is the concept of shape applied to the Cross thatensures immediate, almost intuitive handling. Logic and instinct are brought together in the approach to this user-friendly device.

The stretcher is made with lightweight stainless steel and high density polyethylene. The Cross is practical, as well as comfortable to use. Bigger and stronger wheels make it easier to move patients on rough terrain, as stability and balance are enhanced.

The side bars are safely locked thanks to a quick-release mechanism, which prevents accidental unlocking. One of the most important features of the Cross is its flexibility: the agile stretcher can be adapted to any type of vehicle, thanks to a patented system for adjusting the trolley at its loading point.

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Gowns restore patient’s dignity

Exami-Gowns, Inc., the Maryland-based innovative gown company, is introducing an entire line of Reusable Cloth Patient Gowns, which dramatically help to restore the dignity of the patient.

Not only are Exami-Gowns aesthetically pleasing for most health care institutions, they are also extremely provider friendly. Features of the Exami-Gown line are:

- Available in Regular, 2X and 4X sizes accommodating up to 400+ pound patients.
- Fabrics are 50/50 Cotton / Polyester, which adhere to the 4A Wash Test.
- Secure Hook & Loop (Velcro) Closures.
- OB/Gyn Gown offers a built in Drape Sheet (2 in 1 product)!
- Available in Pink, Green, Blue, Mauve, White or custom colours.
- Warranty: One full year against any manufacturing defects.
- Monogramming available.

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Fragmenting stones of almost any size

The PCK Calculith is a minimally invasive endoscopic lithotripter that successfully fragments stones regardless of their composition type, size or location.

The unique mechanical and electronic design developed by PCK allows the Calculith to produce more power at less air pressure than the traditional pneumatic units.

The Calculith incorporation of cutting-edge technology to create unsurpassed versatility and ease of operation has made PCK’s intracorporeal lithotripter the most advanced system on the market today.

From the microcontroller-controlled electronics to the easily manoeuvrable handpiece, this model reflects the high quality and reliability demanded by today’s most modern medical facilities.

High quality product that is cost effective

The new Biotron BIOv-201 Paradigm in Flow Delivery System is compact, sfe and cost effective.

It is small and light-weight so easy to move and install. It also has easy to use soft key controls.

High quality VFD allows for good visibility even when viewed under bright conditions.

The optimum alarm system has two different alarm tones to enable distinction between levels and provides an audio-visual alarm signal.

It also has an eight-hour battery and is convenient for long term portability.

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Water jet will help ensure a sensitive and selective dissection

In addition to established surgical procedures, water jet technology now offers completely new platform
technology for surgical and endoscopic applications.

With its precision method of operation the water jet ensures sensitive and selec-tive dissection and preparation of tissue.

The essential advantage of this application method the preservation of organs, blood vessels and nerves.

ERBE Electromedizin GmbH has now included the water jet surgical system HELIX HYDRO-Jet in its product range, where it ideally completes ERBE’s range of products and services for elec-trosurgery, cryosurgery and ophthalmology.

With the HELIX HYDRO-JET, even delicate colon surgery procedures such as total mesorectal excision (TME) can be carried out with minimal trauma to blood vessels and nerves.

Water jet technology can also be used for tongue surgery and parotid surgery as well as for lumbar dissectomy during disk surgery.

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Rack is designed for easy transportation

prd9.gif (19213 bytes)The Scienceware Electrophoresis Gel Plate Rack is designed for the safe storage and transportation of gel plates in the laboratory.

The rack has ten positions for holding glass plates and a eighted base for safety. Wide handles on both ends provide a secure grip while transporting the rack, filled with plates, from one location to another.

The Electrophoresis Gel Plate Rack is constructed of smooth polypropylene mate-rial, which acts to cushion the glass edges to reduce chipping and cracking of the plates.

There is also a flat area on each end of the rack for affixing a label. The rack has a footprint of 8” x 15” and is 9” high.

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Quality at the right price

The new Ergomed 60‚ ENT treatment unit has been designed to meet low budget expenditure while maintaining traditional quality.

According to specific requirements, the Ergomed 60‚ can beequipped with various built-in functions and an integrated examination microscope.

Mechanical parts have been minimised by incorporating electronic infrared sensors to activate certain built-in functions. Furthermore, the treatment unit is modular and thus can be extended by adding various furniture modules to create the best solution in accordance with available space, individual requirements and budget.

On request, Entermed’s interior designers can produce a proposed plan of the consulting room, illustrating the recommended position for the treatment unit, furniture modules and patient chair in relation to windows and doorwaysin the consulting room.

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EASY solution to the problems of feeding

The mamivac EASY manual breastpump is made of high-quality plastics that were tested for food conformity and skin kindness.

With the ergonomically designed handle, the mother can pump milk effortlessly with one hand and work on the breast with the other to support the milk flow. The milk flows straight into the bottle.

The user can easily adjust suction to any level required with the integrated adjustment valve. The manually operated
breastpump EASY can be connected to an electric breastpump with automatic cycles using an additional adapter.

The soft breast shield enclosed gives massage to the breast during the pumping that is almost identical to the baby’s natural sucking action.

The manual breastpump can be assembled easily and all parts are dishwater safe.

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Many ways to monitor patients

The BYS-6000 multi-function patient monitor has many purposes.

It has a seven-inch screen and high definition CRT, plus a comprehensive integrated parameter set.

It is easy to use because of a simple menu structure and adopting shuttle knob co-operate function key.

It is also convenient for getting a tele-distance view of the condition of the patient.

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It’s at the cutting edge of technology

Based on “cutting-edge” technology in a compact package, Mediana has successfully created an ideal instrument called “YM-2002” that monitors the vital signs of patients in a pre-hospital and hospital environment.

Considered to be the most innovative and reliable monitoring system, the new generation YM-2002 features the most up-to-date style and functional performance.

It offers six different types of monitor depending on customers’ need. All six types come with the same package in different display and function. It is dishwater safe.

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Accuracy and reliability all in the hand

The MP110 hand-held Pulse Oximeter offers high accuracy and reli-able performance.

It is small and light-weight (400 g) and has a Sp02 Wave Display and back light mono LCD.

It offers an Auto Calibration mode and a 30 second Alarm Holding mode, plus a variety of information displays. It also has a six-hour rechargeable battery.

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