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For better or for worse
The figures are disturbing – congenital conditions in the Middle East are the highest in the world.
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Something for the weekend, Sir?
The drugs are about sex and love, but for the pharmaceutical companies, it's war. The famous blue pill, Viagra, that transformed treatment of sexual impotence in men, is about to face two new rivals.
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Mend it like Beckham!
Metatarsal injuries will never be the same again. Last year, the fracture of the second metatarsal in the left foot of England football team's captain, David Beckham, dragged the three-inch long bone from obscurity into tabloid headlines.

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Now you see it…
X-rays have become a mainstay of the global diagnostic industry since their discovery over a century ago.
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US scare tactics
UAE neurosciences unit
UAE heart procedure
Jordanian WHO princess
Top 25 in Arab world
UAE MoH gets facelift

Green tea super power
Breakthrough on Ebola
HIV fights back in Europe
Brittle bone changes
Maternal diet vital
First tongue transplant
India battles tide of HIV
WHO hits HIV head-on
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