Crossing the threshold
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is making inroads in mainstream healthcare as an increasing body of scientific research helps integrate proven CAM therapies into allopathic medicine.
 Protecting dignity (Emergency care)
At times of man-made or natural disasters healthcare professionals have a responsibility to protect their patients’ dignity from journalists covering the emergency, as in many cases this is all that remains for victims of disaster.
News Features

Iraq hospital waste creates health hazard
Toxic hospital waste being released in residential areas in southern Iraq is causing a health and environmental hazard in the Basra area, despite repeated appeals for help to tackle the situation, local sources in both fields told IRIN News recently.
Regional Profile

Oman - Rapid progress
In July 2000, the World Health Organisation’s World Health Report ranked Oman first in healthcare delivery efficiency and use of financial resources among 191 national systems. Oman also figured among the top ten of the world’s most effective healthcare systems overall.

Getting back in the game
In an exclusive interview for Middle East Health, Elizabeth Nolan speaks to Dr Charles Brown, a pioneer in the development of minimally invasive, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery and hamstring ACL reconstruction.

Music of the soul (Complementary medicine)
Dr Madan Kataria, renown worldwide as the giggling guru, visited Dubai earlier this year to show off his home-grown yogic laughter therapy at the Wellbeing Show.

Put your feet up (Complementary medicine)
Graca Ward has been practicing reflexology for the past 12 years. Callan Emery spoke to her to find out more about this increasingly popular form of therapy.

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