Sep-Oct 2005

Pulsed light with cooling system reduces discomfort

The latest among the wide range of General Project’s light-based systems, Flash 1 Jumbo, combines the best technical solutions in the field of Pulsed Light with an integrated skin cooling system, very effective in reducing patient’s discomfort and avoiding most of side effects. By using the cooling system it is possible to increase the fluence by at least 10%, thus improving the unit’s incisiveness.

Designed to satisfy high performance criteria and also be extremely simple to use, Flash 1 Jumbo can recognise and interact with the lamp box through a specific Radio Frequency transponder, so displaying the filter in use and the number of shots. All the information the operator needs is shown in a very clear way on its large 10.4” touch screen colour display. Equipped with entrance and exit which make it possible the interfacing with both fixed and mobile stations, Flash 1 Jumbo may be considered a real PC for medical applications, a top-class product in the field of Pulsed Light systems.

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Suspension boots for pressure ulcers

Heelift Original and Heelift Smooth Suspension Boots assist facilities in maintaining compliance with new federal regulations for prevention of pressure ulcers.

Heelift and Heelift Smooth Suspension Boots have proven effective in treatment and prevention of heel pressure ulcers. Heelift eliminates pressure from the heel by lifting it with an elevation pad and suspending the heel in protective space. Pressure is transferred from the heel to the lower leg. In prevention regimens, Heelift can be used with patients who are immobile, post-operative or suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease or dietary deficiencies. Heelift is also ideal in cases of foot drop, flaccid paralysis (nonspastic), pre- and post-operative hip fractures and skin grafts.

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Gastric stimulator provides treatment for obesity

The Transcend® Gastric Stimulation System is designed to provide electrical stimulation to the stomach for the treatment of obesity.

Produced by Transneuronix, a company based in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey the system comprises an implantable pulse generator, an external programmer and a gastric stimulation lead. The implanted pulse generator delivers electrical pulses to the stimulation lead which then conducts the pulses to the smooth stomach muscle. Control is non-invasive using a computerised programmer connected to a small programming wand.

This is used to check and, if necessary, change electrical values of the IGS before and after implantation via radio frequency signals. The lead is implanted in a laparoscopic procedure using two to four trocars: one for the camera, two for operating ports and one (optional) for liver retraction. The IGS is placed in a subcutaneous pocket in the abdomen.

The regular surgery time is less than one hour. Gastric stimulation is designed to help patients lose weight in combination with standard behaviour and dietary modifications. It is normally indicated for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 40 or 35-40 with one of more co-morbidities.

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Wireless monitoring enables patient mobility

Philips has introduced monitoring system that enables patients to comfortably walk around or lay in bed while being monitored. The wireless IntelliVue Telemetry System, the latest component in Philips’ IntelliVue patient monitoring portfolio, is set to significantly enhance patient mobility, clinical data accessibility and care givers’ efficiency.

The IntelliVue Telemetry System features bi-directional communication between patient-worn transceivers, bedside monitors and a central station with remote clinician access. The new telemetry system uses cellular technology to ensure seamless information management and more flexible patient monitoring.

The system has built-in scalable reporting tools that can be easily integrated with existing information systems to the needs of the wireless, digital hospital. The IntelliVue Telemetry System features Smart- Hopping technology to avoid interference and seek out the strongest available signal for seamless data transmission as patients roam within the hospital.

All Philips telemetry solutions can co-exist in the same space without interference, making it possible for hospitals to phase their transition between systems.

Healthcare pods for new-build hospitals

Quality, speed, and control of hospital construction can now be further improved by manufacturing critical areas off-site.

Mechanical and electrical intensive sections of hospital buildings, such as operating theatres, can be manufactured and fitted out off-site in a factory controlled environment, ready for installation into the traditional steel or concrete superstructure of the new-built hospital. PKL Healthcare now offers this innovative approach to the Middle East healthcare market, combining British quality, UAE-based manufacturing and PKL Healthcare’s vast experience in provision of modular healthcare facilities.

This approach offers significant advantages to both healthcare providers and main contractors. Traditional construction programmes are dramatically reduced due to the offsite construction of modules taking place concurrently with the main superstructure being built on site. Factory based construction enables greater control over the build quality.

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The gold standard for intracavitary myomas

The resectoscope is considered worldwide to be the "Gold Standard" in the therapy of intracavitary myomas. In a myoma resection the chips float in the dilatation medium and this makes it more difficult to maintain control, since the chips have to be removed frequently.

Every time the resectoscope is reintroduced, coagulated blood must firstly be rinsed out and the hydrometra reestablished until a good view of the operating site is obtained, then the resection can continue. There is an increased risk of perforation due to these manipulations. There is an increased risk of the dreaded TUR syndrome, especially with longer surgery times.

With the Resection Master chips are aspirated immediately after they are produced and removed from the cavity of the uterus without the hydrometra being impaired. Repeated interruptions of the resection are no longer the case, it is not necessary to time and again remove and reintroduce the resectoscope.

There is continuous control during the entire myoma resection because of the automatic chip aspiration. As a result, the surgery time is significantly shortened. This results in a clear reduction of complications compared with using the conventional resectoscope, and the surgeon can resect the myoma completely and with much less difficulty.

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Safety analyser updated

Rigel Medical has recently updated a number of features in its multi-purpose electro medical safety analyser, the Rigel 277 Plus.

Specifically designed to test in accordance with all main industry standards, including IEC/EN 60601-1, MDA DB9801 and IEC/EN 61010, the Rigel 277 Plus can test medical equipment with multi type applied parts, such as ECGs with defibrillator paddles or SpO2/NIBP probes, in a single test routine.

All of the performance enhancements and operating improvements incorporated in the new Rigel 277 Plus can be added to earlier versions of the 277 tester as part of a special instrument upgrade service.

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Sony launches Medical DVD Recorder

Sony has launched the DVO-1000MD – a DVD Recorder/Player for clinicians who need to record high-quality images. Fully compliant with latest Medical Devices Directive (MDD) standards, the DVO- 1000MD has been optimised for use in a wide range of surgical and other healthcare environments.

Ideal for applications such as ultrasound, endoscopy and radiology, the DVO- 1000MD allows recording and playback of images from a wide range of visibleand non-visible light modalities. Compact, ruggedly-engineered and easy to use, the DVO-1000MD is unique in its inclusion of an internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This provides a valuable ‘Quick Record’ feature, allowing images to be captured the instant the record button is pressed.

The internal disk drive also provides the additional reassurance of data recovery in the unlikely event of DVD recording failure. The recorder supports the popular DVD+RW format and images are recorded to disc using MPEG-2 compression, with VBR (Variable Bit Rate) technology offering optimum recording quality. Signals can be recorded from S-video or composite video sources, while an i.LINK input allows direct connection with a DV camcorder or i.LINK equipped PC.

Spectrophotometers for diagnosis

Spectrophotometers for clinical diagnostics are available from Cecil Instruments. Both single and double beam spectrophotometers perform high performance wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, multicomponent analyses and kinetic analyses.

Cecil Instrument’s tailored software packages mean that you can also perform calculations of your own choosing. The spectrophotometers are fully accessorised, enabling use of automatic eight cell changers, temperature controlled cells, sipper systems and ultra-micro sampling.

The CE 3021 and 3041 Super Aurius models have been widely used in hospitals throughout the United Kingdom for the detection and qualification of xanthochromia in cerebrospinal and amniotic fluids. Some models are used for the detection and quantification of carboxyhaemoglobin.

Peppermint examination gloves

Going beyond safety and comfort, Supermax understands the importance of making your patient care as pleasant as possible. With our unique peppermintfragrance, honey-comb textured design, customers are delighted to discover and use Supermax’s gloves.

The following are features from the unique green peppermint honey-comb textured examination gloves: Comfort fit Low protein content Excellent grip Peppermint fragrance Refreshing experience

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Oral-B targets GCC with CrossAction Vitalizer

Oral-B is targeting the lucrative GCC market with the launch of its CrossAction Vitalizer toothbrush.

The manual brush promises up to 90% plaque removal from between teeth and improvement of gum health in just four weeks Oral B, a Gillette company, said that the new toothbrush is a premium product compared to other toothbrushes and is expected to gain a large share of the GCC toothbrush market, estimated to be at $37 million.

The CrossAction Vitalizer toothbrush combines three innovative technologies developed and patented by Oral-B: The CrissCross® bristles technology that allows deep bristles penetration between the teeth, the Power Tip bristles that help brushing teeth at the back and the gum stimulators positioned on either side of the brush head to massage gums while brushing. Oral-B CrossAction Vitalizer has been clinically proven to significantly reduce gingivitis in only four weeks and reduce plaque between teeth by as much as 90 % after one brush.

The new toothbrush also includes the patented blue Indicator® bristles, which when they fade halfway, indicate that it is time to replace the brush.


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