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War on Lebanon: Five weeks of hell
Although the Israeli attack on Lebanon lasted only five weeks before a ceasefire was declared on 14 August, in that short time thousands of civilians were killed or wounded, more than 900,000 people, nearly a quarter of the total population, were displaced and the damage to infrastructure was vast and widespread in southern Lebanon, with many healthcare facilities completely destroyed.
World Heart Day: How young is your heart?
In it’s mission to try and reduce the number of people dying of heart disease, the world’s number one cause of death, the World Heart Federation is marking this year’s World Heart Day on 24 September with the theme: “How Young is Your Heart?”  
AIDS 2006: World leaders urged to commit to HIV agenda
Researchers, activists and political and civil society leaders opened the first full day of the XVI International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2006), held in Toronto, Canada from 13-18 August, with a unified call for a greater global commitment to HIV services and programmes guided by the needs, rights and active involvement of affected communities.

Emergency medicine: A turning point for the region
Preparations are now in place in the event there is major disaster in the UAE, or the wider region for that matter, with the development of a new, state-of-the-art trauma center in Dubai. Callan Emery toured the facility and filed this report. 
Complementary medicine: Healing honey
Honey, a household remedy millennia old, is receiving renewed attention in the wake of the growth of bacterial strains that are resistant to modern antibiotics. The healing properties of honey have been known for several thousand years.
Orthopaedics & sports medicine: A little exercise a day keeps the doctor away
Many of the detrimental effects of physical inactivity can be reversed, and in some cases improved, by a similar period of moderate exercise.

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