Ozone therapy - In the crosshairs of the anti-ozone forces
Despite comprehensive anecdotal evidence pointing to the important role ozone therapy can play in the treatment of Hepatitis and HIV, there is surprisingly little peer reviewed research published about its benefits.
Wound infection - Treating diabetic lesions: a key ingredient is missing
Gérard V. Sunnen, MD, a New Yorkbased, internationally renowned ozone therapist, looks at the treatment of diabetic wounds with medical ozone.

Health insurance - Building the IT backbone
Health insurance is playing an increasingly important role in the provision of healthcare across the Middle East with a number of countries in the region making health insurance mandatory. To facilitate this initiative Saudi-based Waseel is pioneering the digital connection of insurance companies with healthcare service providers. Middle East Health speaks to Riyadh Bajodah, COO, Waseel.
Orthopaedics - The challenges faced by spinal surgeons
Dr Desmond Kwok MD, a senior orthopaedic surgeon at Dubai Bone and Joint Center, speaks to Middle East Health about the challenges he faces as a spinal surgeon, and as an orthopaedic surgery teacher affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic Group offers several important suggestions for orthopaedic surgeons to improve their practice.
Orthopaedics - Knee surgery for the Arab elite
Middle East Health speaks to Dr Jurgen Toft, one of the world’s foremost knee surgeons and founder of the Alpha Klinik in Munich, Germany.

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