The ozone controversy

Despite many years of accumulated anecdotal evidence, the use of ozone in medicine remains a controversial issue,
particularly in the United States, with some doctors deriding it as a quack medicine, “a toxic gas no better than snake oil”, which has no evidence base to prove its efficacy. On the other hand there are many ozone therapists – Germany has a strong contingent – who have been practising ozone therapy for many years on thousands of patients with remarkable results, results that really should make the orthodox medical establishment sit up and take notice.

In this issue we speak to internationally renowned New York-based ozone therapist Dr Gerard Sunnen, who believes his study in Egypt to check the efficacy of ozone on HCV patients was squashed by large corporate interests (page 28). Unable to patent ozone, their considerable financial interests in the current regimen of HCV medications would be threatened by positive results from such a study.

We also publish a paper by Dr Sunnen on the benefits of using ozone to heal diabetic lesions (page 38).

In the orthopaedics section we speak to Dr Desmond Kwok (page 44), a specialist spinal surgeon, who outlines the challenges he faces and provides advice on how to overcome them.

Médecins Sans Frontières, in their regular column (page 64), praises the recent landmark decision by an Indian court to rule against the challenge by the powerful drugs company Novartis, and uphold India’s Patents Act, which will allow the continued manufacture of inexpensive generic drugs upon which many of the world’s poor rely for their medication.

You will find many other interesting and useful articles – diet advice to give patients during Ramadan (page 27), product news (page 68) and an interview with Waseel, a home-grown Saudi company who are ambitiously building the digital backbone for the burgeoning health insurance industry.

Brian Wilkie

(Sep-Oct 2007)



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