Sep-Oct 2007

ColonCAD combined with Voxar 3D ColonMetrix

Barco, a leading provider of medical imaging solutions, and Medicsight, a leading developer of Computer- Aided Detection (CAD) technologies, have signed a partnership agreement to incorporate Medicsight’s ‘ColonCAD’ image analysis software tools within Barco’s ‘VOXAR 3D COLONMETRIX’ virtual colonography application. By integrating Medicsight’s CAD function, Barco further expands the functionality of its COLONMETRIX software solution, thereby enabling faster and more efficient recognition of suspect lesions during virtual colonography.

Medicsight’s ColonCAD is an image analysis software tool designed to be used with CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy) scans. It has been specifically designed to support the detection and segmentation of abnormalities within the colon that may potentially be adenomatous polyps. ColonCAD can be seamlessly integrated within advanced 3D visualization and PACS platforms of industry leading imaging equipment partners.

Barco’s VOXAR 3D COLONMETRIX is a complete virtual colonoscopy workflow and reporting solution that allows radiologists to interpret a CT colonography study and generate a report typically within 10 minutes.

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M2SYS offers fingerprint recognition system for healthcare security

Maintaining multiple patient files and securing the confidentiality of these files is a major concern for healthcare providers. Healthcare regulations are ever-changing and a patient’s file has various types of confidential information like blood type, previous surgeries, allergy medication, address, and credit card information. Most healthcare facilities now manage their patient’s file information with healthcare management software. However, this software can still allow for security breaches and the possibility of unauthorised personnel gaining access to confidential files. M2SYS Technology, a revolutionary biometric fingerprint technology company, can rapidly and inexpensively provide the solutions to meet these necessary security measures.

M2SYS’ award-winning Bio-Plugin biometric solution enables software companies to quickly integrate a complete, seamless fingerprint recognition system, including a highperformance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialised knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint SDK.

Patients can be quickly enrolled in the system and can utilise the fingerprint verification technology for an immediate and more efficient check-in process. The biometric system protects patient information by only allowing authorised employees to retrieve confidential files. Employees can be rapidly enrolled in the system and be assigned appropriate authorisation levels.

Biometric verification also being used to control access to medication and supplies, and many other areas of healthcare security. For more information visit:

NeuroScope integrates patient data

The NeuroScope, being launched in the Middle East, is a dynamic telehealth platform allowing for remote consultation. This special facility is invaluable in saving time and allowing for specialist consultation from anywhere within a hospital LAN or across the world if required.

The collection of patient data in most hospitals is not fully integrated. This leads to a time consuming task of noting patient vital signs and trying to interpret what has happened. The NeuroScope overcomes this by accepting signals from any OEM equipment in a clinic or hospital; it then synchronises those signals on a beat-by-beat basis and also time locks those signals. Thus the change in any one vital sign and its causal relationship with the other vital signs being monitored provides a unique insight into the patient’s symptoms and where treatment should be focussed.

In this way the physician can view the body as a ‘virtual bulletin board’ of vital signs and treat the patient, not just the symptoms. For more information email: of Medifit Instruments

Frogskin for amputees

Frogskin, manufactured and distributed by TaylorCraft, is the US patented retro-fit repair for loose fitting amputee prosthetic limbs. It replaces all previous methods used to maintain prosthetic sockets due to residual limb atrophy and volume loss. Before the invention of Frogskin amputee sufferers of loose fitting prosthetics typically had to wear extra liner socks and travel frequently in pain to a prosthetist in order to endure the difficult and speculative procedure of chalking the residual limb, imprinting and sanding the interior of the poorly fitted socket. Other re-fitting techniques included heat molding, and slosh rolling, in efforts to re-fit the socket to match the changing residual limb.

Frogskin eliminates inaccuracy, time, and big expense for the amputee patient and the prosthetist. The process is new and simple. Each Frogskin kit contains the necessary tools and specially designed light weight polyester resin to retro-fit the interior of any hard, carbon fiber, non-polypropylene prosthetic socket. In developing areas of the world Frogskin has been used to help needy amputees by retro-fitting donated carbon fibre sockets. Now amputees with loose, unbearable prosthetic limbs can walk away in comfort with a perfect fit in a Frogskin Visit:

New TaqMan arrays enable large-scale profiling of microRNA expression

Applied Biosystems has developed the new TaqMan Array Human MicroRNA Panel to help researchers more rapidly and efficiently search for microRNA (miRNA) biomarkers associated with a number of different diseases, including cancer and neurological disorders.

The new arrays are the first TaqMan assays for miRNA analysis that are configured in an array format, and offer the accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of real-time PCR to quantitate miRNA expression using gold-standard TaqMan assay chemistry on microfluidic cards. The amounts of up to 365 different miRNAs in biological samples can be simultaneously determined using Applied Biosystems’ 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System, without requiring liquid handling robots or multichannel pipettes.

The sensitivity of the miRNA TaqMan arrays allows lower amounts of starting RNA material to be used compared to other analysis methods, and to evaluate miRNA expression at levels too low to detect using other methods such as hybridisation microarray techniques. The miRNA TaqMan arrays specifically detect the biologically active mature forms of miRNA molecules and discriminate between closely related miRNAs.

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Intersurgical introduces bronchoscopy masks

Intersurgical has launched their Bronchoscopy Face Mask range. The Bronchoscopy Face masks are available in a range of sizes from a size 1 (Infant) through to a size 4 (Adult). Each facemask has a size orientated colour coded hook ring, for ease of identification.

They are primarily designed for the delivery an analgesic gas mixture, such as premixed N2O and O2, whilst allowing for the introduction of a bronchoscope through one of the self-sealing valves, strategically placed around the shell of the face mask. Using the same technique, the passage of a transesophageal endocardiology probe is also possible with this Face mask. Because the valves seal is so good, the facemask could be further used for administration of anaesthetic gases during induction of anaesthesia.

The Intersurgical Bronchoscopy Mask with its clear shell and anatomically shaped soft cushion is an ideal way to deliver an anal-gesic gas mixture to your patient whilst undergoing a procedure such as Fibre optic bronchoscopy. Providing a more comfortable patient solution.

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Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Treatment book

Heelift Suspension Boot, will continue its affiliation with Mediscript Communications, publisher of the 2007 Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Treatment book. The information in the Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Treatment book, targeting healthcare workers as well as patients, parallels information that DM Systems has been providing to the wound care market in regards to Heelift Suspension Boot.

Care givers who read the Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Treatment book will come away with an understanding of what types of patients are most susceptible to pressure ulcers, how pressure ulcers can be prevented, and how the beginning stages of pressure ulcers can be treated successfully. For more information:


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